The Best Dog-Friendly U.S.-Based Companies In 2021

It’s the end of September and we’re most of the way through 2021 already. For many of us, the past two years have been fairly challenging. Having our dogs always nearby for love and companionship during an ongoing pandemic has made a huge difference.

Rover released its Best Dog-Friendly Companies 2021 report on the 28th, which shows just how much dogs factor into our changing culture. The report lists the top U.S. companies that offer benefits for dog parents along with their ratings in this category and where the companies are based.

dog at work

Rover’s head of people and culture, Jovana Teodorovic, noted:

There’s a rising sentiment in American society that dogs are, in fact, a part of our nuclear families—they aren’t just pets. The pandemic only accelerated and strengthened those feelings.”

Which Companies Topped The List

According to Rover’s report, these are the top 20 dog-friendly companies based in the United States in 2021. The full report, which includes an additional 66 dog-loving companies, can be found here.

  1. Amazon (Seattle, WA)
  2. athenahealth, LLC (Watertown, MA)
  3. Trupanion (Seattle, WA)
  4. Kinship (New York, NY)
  5. PetDesk (San Diego, CA)
  6. Stride Health (San Francisco, CA)
  7. Petco (San Diego, CA)
  8. Purina (St. Louis, MO)
  9. SelfMade (New York, NY)
  10. SS&C Advent (San Francisco, CA)
  11. WeWork (New York, NY)
  12. VMware, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
  13. PeopleConnect People Search (San Diego, CA)
  14. PetSmart (Phoenix, AZ)
  15. Procore Technologies (Carpinteria, CA)
  16. Zogics (Lenox, MA)
  17. Tripadvisor (Needham, MA)
  18. Noodles & Company (Broomfield, CO)
  19. FabFitFun (Los Angeles, CA)
  20. The Farmer’s Dog (New York, NY)

How The Results Were Calculated

In order to arrive at these rankings, Rover polled around 90 dog-friendly companies across the United States. They also collected secondary data through Pollfish, surveying 1,000 U.S.-based pet parents. They used a points system to award these companies for certain dog-centric benefits.

Several of these workplaces go beyond the already impressive amenities, like allowing dogs to come to the office. Benefits also include paid time off for new pet parents, financial stipends for pet insurance, and pet care services.

A Post-Pandemic Shift

Teodorovic summarized that these dog-centric company features increasingly exist because we’ve loved spending more time at home with our dogs lately. Since the pandemic, it’s been hard to return to work without them.

“It’s abundantly clear that pet-friendly benefits are not only appreciated by employees, but they’re actually creating a more productive workforce and competitive hiring process. While some businesses may move to remote work, many others will transition back to the office or into a hybrid workplace plan. We anticipate more than ever that they’ll consider where and how pets fit into the equation.”

dog friendly office

In fact, data in Rover’s report indicates that 77% of Americans now care more about working for a dog-friendly company after spending so much time with their pups during the pandemic. This benefits the companies polled as well, of which 95% believe that being a pet-friendly company has positively impacted hiring and recruiting.

Beyond the place you work, certain cities also tend to have more dog-friendly businesses and services. Check out our list of dog-friendly U.S. cities here.

H/T: Globe Newswire

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