The Critical Thing About Your Dog’s Mouth That Most Owners Don’t Know

Do you ever think about how important your dog’s mouth is? He uses it for so much more than just eating, it’s an important tool in his day-to-day life and the way he explores his environment! There are sticks to be gnawed and ropes to be pulled, and a whole world of things to be licked and chewed, picked up, and torn apart – and he does all these things with his mouth!

Dental disease is a serious threat to your dog’s mouth. It can be horrifyingly painful and directly affect the quality of your dog’s life. Dogs with dental issues don’t want to play tug-of-war, eat crunchy treats or chew their toys – it becomes too painful to do these things. Teeth weaken, gums bleed, and your dog suffers silently. Dental disease robs your dog of so many of the things he may have once enjoyed.

Plaque contains bacteria that causes tartar, leaves gums vulnerable, and worse. Brushing removes the plaque and harmful bacteria before it can become tartar. It may not be his favorite thing to do, but just a little brushing goes a long way to protecting his teeth and avoiding serious pain and veterinary bills!

The good news is that prevention is easy and inexpensive. It’s the best way to keep your dog’s mouth in tip-top shape – and you may already be taking steps without knowing!

This brush will keep your dog’s mouth healthy and feed 2 shelter dogs!

Regular brushing once a day is ideal, but brushing your dog’s teeth even a few times a week can make a big difference. He probably won’t like it, and he probably won’t make it easy for you, but with training he can learn to deal with it and it will only take a few minutes a day!

This brush will keep your dog’s mouth healthy and feed 2 shelter dogs!

If you can’t find the time to brush as often as you’d like, or your dog puts up a fuss every time you reach for the brush, a quick swipe with a dental wipe is an easy fix. These remove plaque, too, without your dog having to tolerate a brush in his mouth. Dental spray can also be used – it contains safe, natural ingredients that break down plaque and will freshen up his doggy breath.

A container of these wipes feed 14 shelter dogs!

Your dog can also do a little tooth-care himself! Dogs love to chew, and dental sticks are designed to keep his mouth clean and his breath fresh, plus they taste great! These sticks clean his teeth while he gets to do something he loves, snacking, and it’s a healthy treat!

Each packet feeds 7 shelter dogs!

You can also make playtime a part of your canine dental care routine. Toys like these brushing balls sneakily remove plaque from your dog’s mouth as he plays and chews.

This product provides 1 toy for a shelter dog in need!


You may not think about your dog’s mouth all that often, but for as important as it is to his quality of life, it deserves a lot of care.


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