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These Bonded Dogs Were Adopted Separately… Then Fate Stepped In To Reunite Them

Imgur user stephunni posted an amazing story about two American Staffordshire Terriers that came into their lives.

Mindy and Mork were around 2-years-old when they were surrendered to a local humane society. The two were clearly bonded, and the shelter thought they may have been siblings. But when Mindy was adopted before Mork, he was left in a foster home without his best friend.

Image Source: stephunni via Imgur


Meanwhile, user stephunni and their significant other were looking for the perfect canine companion to add to their family, which already included two other pups. While they were scanning adoption listings during a vacation, they fell in love with Mork from his picture online. Since they were out of town and couldn’t fetch him immediately, they decided to attend the “No Kill Utah” adoption event when they returned, hoping he’d still be available.

Image Source: stephunni via Imgur


With their two other dogs in tow, the couple arrived at the event on Friday, May 13th, and headed straight for Mork. To their relief, he was still there, waiting for his forever family! Mork met with his future siblings, and everything went smoothly. Once the couple signed the adoption papers, it was official: Mork was theirs!
“As we were leaving, we soon found out that he was quite the celebrity,” stephunni writes of their new addition. “Staff members came over to us from all over the campus to congratulate Mork on his adoption and to pet him or give him treats. Everyone ‘ooh’d’ and ‘aww’d’ over this sweet, big-headed dog and were either happy or jealous that we were taking him.”

Image Source: stephunni via Imgur


For several months, Mork, his humans, and his two furry siblings were a happy family. Then, tragedy struck. Luna, the couple’s 10-year-old Pomeranian, died suddenly of pneumonia and heart disease.

“I’ve never felt less like myself,” the Imgur poster explains of the devastating loss. “For 10 years she was a part of my life. And then suddenly she wasn’t anymore…”

Image Source: stephunni via Imgur


But Mork was there to comfort his family through their darkest moments.

“Mork was my rock. Sweet as ever, he comforted my [significant other] and me as best as he could,” stephunni explains.

That’s when fate stepped in.

“That afternoon, I felt the need to contact the local Humane Society and tell them about Mork and about how our lives were with him in it,” the Imgur user writes. “They were ecstatic to post an update of him on their website. Lots of people commented and were happy to hear about him.”

Image Source: stephunni via Imgur


Six days later, this mourning family received a special ray of light when the humane society messaged them with some interesting news. Stephunni posted their message:

Thank you again for the Mork update! Mork was surrendered with a female named Mindy, a very sweet young bully breed. They loved to snuggle in their kennel, and we tried to get them adopted as a pair with no luck. Mindy was returned to the shelter today, and she’s every bit as sweet as she was when she left. We totally understand if your little family is full, we’d just love to extend the opportunity if you are looking. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful home!

The couple knew that this pup belonged with them! A few days later, with Mork by their side, they went to pick up Mindy and bring her home. Oddly enough, it was exactly 8 months after adopting Mork, on January 13th… another Friday the 13th!

Image Source: stephunni via Imgur


“Today marks one week since we adopted Mindy,” the Imgur user writes. “She is just as sweet and affectionate as her brother. Right now, she is still timid and does things very cautiously as if she is making sure it’s okay (like snuggling up on the couch), but you can tell that she really wants to just let it all out and love you with all her heart.”

Image Source: stephunni via Imgur


Stephunni continues, “She absolutely loves to dog pile with Mork…I don’t know why anyone would ever give her up in the first place, let alone twice.”

Although this family suffered a terrible loss, they have no doubts that Mindy’s perfectly-timed adoption was meant to be. (Here she is with Kumo, her new four-legged sibling.)

Image Source: stephunni via Imgur


“I choose to believe in my heart that Luna guided our little family together,” the Imgur user writes. “I believe she wanted Mindy to have the life that she had to leave behind. My heart still hurts from missing my firstborn fur-baby… but Mindy is here now. And things will be okay.”

This is such a wonderful story of fate and perfect timing. We’re so sorry for this family’s loss, but thrilled that they were able to provide a loving home for all their pups. We wish them all the best!

(Original story posted by stephunni via Imgur.)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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