UPDATE: Longest Shelter Resident Returned After Single Day With Adopters

Rusty the longest shelter resident

When a dog gets adopted, they have lots of reasons to feel stressed and confused. They’ll likely need a few days, weeks, or even months to feel like they truly belong in their new home. But not every family has that kind of patience. And sadly, no one has been willing to be patient with the longest shelter resident at the Waco Animal Shelter. Rusty has been in shelters for over 419 days now. Every time he gets a happily … Read more

Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Say Goodbye To Rescued Police K9

Champ K9 Crosses Rainbow Bridge

Many police K9s train for their roles since birth, but not Champ. Champ the German Shepherd, Pit Bull, and Boxer mix broke barriers when he started his role. As a rescue dog, he proved that any dog can change the world if given a chance. And he likely opened doors for many other rescue pups after him. But after a long, fulfilling career full of excitement, Champ decided it was time to say goodbye. This brave dog passed away amid … Read more

Pink Adopts A New Puppy And Gives Him The Longest Name Possible

Pink new puppy

Popstar Pink adores rescue animals. Back in 2018, she mourned the loss of her dog Frangelica, who had been with her for 16 years. While the “So What” singer wasn’t ready to adopt a new dog right away, she continued to post about adoptable dogs on her social media, hoping fans would help dogs in need too. In 2019, Pink finally felt ready to open her heart to another dog. She adopted a rescue pup named Nash, short for Nashville. … Read more

Los Angeles Becomes The Country’s Largest No-Kill City!

The Best Friends Animal Society has been working long and hard to achieve no-kill status across the United States. So far, Delaware is the only state that’s considered completely no-kill. But city by city, dog lovers are helping decrease the euthanasia rates. Hopefully, we’ll soon reach no-kill status across the entire country! Now, Los Angeles is finally considered a “no-kill” city. This makes it the largest no-kill city in the country! We still have a long way to go to … Read more

Florida Couple Runs Busy Dog Rescue Right Out Of Their Home

Danny and Run Rescue

Most dog rescues rely on dozens of foster homes to function. But anyone who has fostered a canine knows that having an extra dog around can be a lot of work. Imagine if you had to care for about 70 adoptable dogs at once! A Florida couple runs a dog rescue right out of their own home. They could have anywhere from 20 to 75 dogs in their house at once, and they make it look effortless. Since they started … Read more

8-Year-Old Boy Rides His Bike To Save Dogs From The China Meat Trade

Boy biking for dogs

When most 8-year-olds go for a bike ride, they just do it for fun. But Rhys Stevens is doing it to make a difference in this world. Rhys will keep biking long distances to help raise money and awareness for the victims of the dog meat trade in China. And so far, he’s raised more than enough money to make an impact. Specifically, Rhys gathered enough money to bring a rescue Husky away from the meat trade and toward a … Read more

Kristen Bell Adopts Adorable Three-Legged Rescue Pup

Kristen Bell Rescue Dog

Actress Kristen Bell has fostered many dogs over the years, but now she’s ready to make one a permanent family member. The Good Place star turned to social media to share the good news. She adopted a small, scruffy dog named Whiskey. Poor Whiskey only has three legs due to an accident with a truck, but he doesn’t need four legs to live his best life. The rescue pup is already getting along with Bell’s husband, kids, and other pets, … Read more

Kelly Ripa’s Family Can’t Agree On New Rescue Dog’s Name

Kelly Ripa new dog

Talk show host Kelly Ripa made an exciting announcement on a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. She revealed to co-host Ryan Seacrest that she adopted a new dog. When Lena the Maltese/Shih Tzu mix was shown as an adoptable dog on the show, Ripa fell in love. After some initial introductions, Ripa’s family knew that Lena was perfect for them. The pup got along with their other dog Chewie from the start. But while Ripa loves the name … Read more

UPDATE: Pup Thrown Off Balcony Is Training To Become A Veteran’s Service Dog

Miracle German Shepherd

A few months ago, a one-year-old German Shepherd survived a nasty fall. Her human tossed her off a second-floor balcony, right in front of police officers. Volusia County Animal Services took the pup into custody and nicknamed her “Miracle.” That drop could’ve killed her, but she landed on her feet and sustained minimal injuries. After life in foster care, Miracle is now preparing for her happily ever after. Humans rushed to save her life that day, so now it’s time … Read more

15-Year-Old “Southern Gentleman” Needs Some Luck On His Side

Swampy featured

Swampy the bully mix is all dressed up for Saint Patrick’s Day, but with nowhere to go. At 15-years-old, finding a forever home is hard. Poor Swampy already lost two loving families through no fault of his own, and now he’s down on his luck. But maybe the luck of the Irish will finally be on his side. The St. Tammany Parish Animal Shelter in Louisiana is working hard to find a forever home for Swampy. They describe him as … Read more

UPDATE: Ethan The Formerly Malnourished Dog Gets Adoption Celebration

Ethan forever family

In late January 2021, a family found a large dog named Ethan alone in a parking lot. He was severely malnourished, weighing less than half of what he should. The pup was so ill and motionless that vets didn’t even know if he was alive at first. But after weeks of consistent care and love, Ethan gained weight and sprang to life. He became a social media star along the way, with many dog lovers cheering him on. Now, Ethan … Read more

Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay Adopts Emaciated Senior Chihuahua

Dan Smyers and Senior Chihuahua

Dan Smyers of pop duo Dan + Shay is a huge animal advocate. His Instagram bio even says, “I sing songs + save dogs.” So, when he decided to take in a tiny foster dog in addition to his four other rescue dogs, fans weren’t surprised, but they were still overjoyed. Dan and his wife Abby just can’t rest until they help as many dogs as possible. Missy the 16-year-old Chihuahua only weighs two pounds, and she has a lot … Read more

Before And After: 17 Beautiful Rescue Dogs’ Transformations

Living in an animal shelter can really take a toll on a dog. Strolling down the aisles of crates and kennels, the stress comes across on their sad little faces. It’s why dogs are so great at showing us how thankful they are when we save them. These before-and-after shots beautifully illustrate the transformations rescue dogs undergo when they’re brought home forever. If these beyond heartwarming photos don’t convince you to #AdoptDontShop, I can’t imagine what will: 1. From Cellmates … Read more

Shelter Director And Overlooked Pit Bull Trade Places For A Day

Dog and Human Trade Places

A Pit Bull named Max has spent over 440 days at the Susquehanna SPCA in New York. He’s the longest current resident, and staff find it unfair that such a sweet dog keeps getting overlooked. So, the shelter devised a plan to draw more attention to the charming pup. Shelter director Stacie Haynes chose to swap places with the 5-year-old Pit Bull for a day. She knows that staying at a shelter for too long can take a toll on … Read more

Wobbly Rescue Pup Will Hop His Way Into Your Heart

If you’ve never seen Morty the special needs Chihuahua before, your heart is about to melt. This tiny, one-eyed rescue pup has been through a lot in his life. But nothing will ever slow him down! And now, Morty has taken the internet by storm after sharing his adorable walk. He loves to strut his stuff like no one is watching. Some dogs might be frustrated with a wobbly walk and only one eye, but Morty embraces it! He wants … Read more

Before Getting A Dog Part II: Supplies To Buy & Preps To Make

You’re getting a dog, and we are so excited for you! Your new family member is almost ready to come home, but before those four furry paws can step foot in the house, you’ll need to have everything prepared for the canine whirlwind that’s about to upend your life in the best way possible. In this second installment of our two-part guide to getting ready for a dog, we’ll cover the supplies you’ll need before bringing the new baby home. … Read more

Before Getting A Dog Part I: What To Think About

Getting a dog is one of the most exciting adventures in life, so congratulations on the decision to grow your family by four furry paws! We love dogs and want to help you give your pooch the best life ever! There’s so much to think about before getting a dog, but don’t worry. This two-part guide is designed to help you on your journey to bringing a dog home. We aim to answer any questions you might have about adopting … Read more

Paralyzed Dog Is Searching For A Family To “Ski” With And Love Forever

Courage Skis

Courage the rescue dog doesn’t let anything hold her back. She might not look like the average dog, but she acts as if nothing is wrong. Courage’s back legs are paralyzed, but she’s still able to run around and play like before. It’s all thanks to her special wheelchair and loving foster mom. But Courage’s wheelchair is so much more than just a set of wheels. It also has ski attachments, which allow her to sprint through the snow. Like … Read more

Miley Cyrus Says Late Pit Bull Blessed Her With Another Rescue Dog

Miley Cyrus Angel

Singer Miley Cyrus always has room in her heart for more animals in need. She finds so much joy in changing a dog’s life and showering them with love. But when she lost her rescue Pit Bull Mary Jane, she felt like a part of her was missing. Of all her rescue animals, Mary Jane was the one she felt closest to, and even though she knew that day was coming, she still wasn’t prepared. But Cyrus knew she couldn’t … Read more

Abused Senior Finally Finds Her Forever Home After 10 Years In A Shelter

Abused Pit Bull

In 2011, a man named Ernie Moss witnessed a horrifying scene. While walking his dogs, he came across an object shaking in a ditch. When he got closer, he realized it was a Pit Bull in critical condition. She seemed to have been beaten. Her mouth was bound with electrical tape and her legs were tied together. Moss struggled to free the pup as he told his wife to call for help. Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) rushed to save … Read more

Stray Dog Who Lost Leg In A Trap Is Flooded With Adoption Applications

Vision Leg Amputation

Veterinarians first thought that 1-year-old Vision, the stray dog, couldn’t be saved. Animal control found him emaciated and missing part of his back leg in Michigan. But despite everything, he was overly friendly and affectionate. He hid his pain well, so rescue staff agreed that he deserved a fighting chance. With the help of hopeful vets, Vision was rushed to emergency care, where he had his leg fully amputated. It was a lot for a young dog to process, but … Read more

UPDATE: Puppy Celebrates Every Day In Honor Of Brother He Never Met

Nico and Khyber Update

At the end of 2019, photographer Brendan Wiltse and his partner Shelly said goodbye to their beloved rescue dog, Khyber. Khyber was diagnosed with cancer, given only a few days to live. Yet, instead of wallowing in sorrow, the couple chose to look at the bright side. They lived every remaining day to the fullest and documented Khyber’s “bonus days” on Facebook. Khyber got 87 bonus days with his family, and each one was special. Now, a new rescue dog … Read more

Derrick Nnadi Inspires ZIWI Pet Food To Cover Kansas City Adoption Fees

Derrick Nnadi and Ziwi Donations

Chiefs player Derrick Nnadi is known for his kind donations to animal welfare. Leading up to the 2020 Super Bowl, he promised to pay an adoption fee of a hard-to-adopt dog for every game the Chiefs won. Once they reached the 2020 Super Bowl, he set an even higher goal. If the Chiefs won that Super Bowl, he would pay for every dog’s adoption fee at KC Pet Project. He followed through, paying for 100 pet adoption fees. While the … Read more

Shelter Dogs Write Pleading Valentines: Won’t You Be Mine?

Shelters and rescues around the world have to flex their marketing skills when it comes to finding homes for all of the animals in need. UK adoption site DogsBlog.com is similar to Pet Finder here in the United States. Just in time for February 14th, they’re featuring a select group of mixed breeds who have had a ruff time finding a perfect match. The site hopes that the dogs’ Valentine’s Day letters will tug on the right heartstrings and get … Read more

Shelter Has Happy Send-Off Celebration For Dog Adopted After 500 Days

Long-term shelter residents are the dogs most adopters are not ready for. They may have fear symptoms or just be slow to trust, which many don’t have the patience or skills to handle. Either way, these dogs don’t deserve to live their lives inside an animal shelter. A (then) 4-year-old brown and white Pit mix named Bonita was admitted to the Niagara SPCA the summer of 2018. A year and several months later, no one had come to bring her … Read more

Oprah’s Three Beloved Dogs All Came From A Chicago Shelter

Media magnate and general role model Oprah is a big dog lover, and if you follow her on Instagram you’ve probably peeped some of her wonderful dog-related posts. She often re-shares cute pup videos from other accounts. So of course it’s only fair that her own pups get some of that limelight too! Though she’s had over 20 dogs in her life, Oprah currently lives with three precious fur babies: two Springer Spaniels named Sunny and Lauren and a Cocker … Read more

Can Human Psychology Help Shelter Dogs Find The Right Homes?

Potential adopters tend to enter animal shelters with some idea of their perfect pup. However, according to psychologists at Indiana University Bloomington, their final decision is often based on only a few specific traits. The discrepancy between what a person says they want and what they actually choose is referred to as the stated–revealed preference gap. It is the basis for Dr. Samantha Cohen’s research on the adoption process. The Problem Currently, 13% of adopted dogs end up back at … Read more

Dog Is Stolen From Shelter Moments Before Being Adopted

Brad, a 5-pound Yorkie, was stolen right out of his kennel at PAWS Atlanta while his hopeful future mom was signing his adoption paperwork. He had only been at the shelter for a week and had already had several people inquire about him. Kay Kenimer had seen Brad’s picture online and had her heart set on adopting him. She’d just lost her 14-year-old Maltese earlier this month and was ready for a new companion. As she was paying the fee and … Read more

Shelter Channels Harry Potter To Sort Dogs By Personality Rather Than Breed

New adopters often find themselves bringing home the cutest or friendliest shelter pup they meet, rather than one that may be perfect for their lifestyle. In order to prevent certain pets from being overlooked due to their breed, age, size or demeanor, the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando has taken a page from the Harry Potter novels. Their “Pawgwarts” sorting system labels dogs by the toys they pick and how they behave in play groups, rather than their superficial traits.   “It … Read more

This Quiz Tells You Exactly What Type Of Shelter Dog You Should Adopt (And Matches You)

Here at iHeartDogs, we think there’s a dog out there for anyone who wants a companion. Maybe you’re a homebody who loves to hunker down. Maybe you’re more of an outdoor type who’s in search of an exercise buddy. Perhaps you’re somewhere in between. Whether you’re looking for a pooch that’s large, small, fluffy, short-haired, active, lazy, whatever, there’s a dog in a shelter who’d be perfect for you – you just have to find him or her. Sometimes, pinpointing a … Read more