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Three Rescue Dogs Find The Perfect Match With Their Three Adopted Human Siblings

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi
Dina Fantegrossi is the Assistant Editor and Head Writer for HomeLife Media. Before her career in writing, Dina was a veterinary technician for more than 15 years.Read more
| Published on February 3, 2017

It’s hard to believe that Curtis and Roberta Griner could become even more inspiring. The couple are active dog rescuers, having fostered over 70 pups and adopted several of their own over the years.

Now the young family has welcomed 3 new members – Jessica, Victoria, and Veronica – human sisters adopted from Poland.

With the Griners’ 3 rescue dogs waiting at home, the girls arrived in America last month, each with her “own dog” already picked out.

Victoria chose Max, a blond Lab Mix found in the neighborhood and taken in by Roberta and Curtis. Jessica claimed Maggie, a big, squishy Pit Bull Mix once used as a breeding dog before being dumped in a South Carolina shelter.

And little Veronica – who likes to be called Sunshine – chose Red, another Pibble with goofy, over-sized ears and a history of abuse so severe the Griners were not sure if he would ever be able to walk pain-free when he was first rescued.

Roberta always knew that she wanted to adopt children, she even told Curtis about her intentions on their very first date! Despite the long, grueling adoption process, and the fact that it meant being away from their canine children longer than ever before, the couple was determined to bring the girls home.

Initially, Roberta and Curtis had agreed to try adopting a younger child and to bring home no more than two kids, but when they saw Jessica, Victoria, and Veronica, they just knew the girls were meant to be their babies. Jessica, the oldest, even bears a striking resemblance to Roberta’s side of the family.

Once the adoption wheels were set in motion, the Griners decided to break the news to the dogs – after all, they are family, too! They set up an adorable photoshoot complete with fun reveal signs.

Max, Maggie, and Red donned festive tee-shirts and Maggie broke out her best tutu and floral headband for the occasion.

They spent six weeks in Poland over the holidays getting to know the girls and cementing last-minute details before bringing them home. Luckily all went well and on January 19 the plane carrying the new-and-improved Griner family touched down in the United States!

Jessica, Victoria, and Veronica were introduced to a whirlwind of new friends and relatives, not to mention a brand new country, home and tons of new clothes, toys, and gifts.

But more than anything, they were excited to meet the dogs!

The pups instantly bonded to their new human sisters, with Pit Bulls, Red and Maggie taking particular care to watch over little Veronica.

Jessica, Victoria, and Veronica love pitching in with Max, Maggie, and Red’s care – they help with feedings and family walks. The dogs have even taken to sleeping with the girls instead of Curtis and Roberta!

Together the 5 human and 3 canine members of the Griner clan make up a perfectly-imperfect all-American family!

All Photos c/o Roberta Sa’ Griner

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