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Ball Player’s Shocking Post Calls Rescue Dog “Too Much To Handle”

Minor league baseball player, Austin Conway adopted his dog, Stella four years ago. Ever since, the German Shepherd mix has been “shedding all over my bed and clothes,” “wanting to go outside at the most inconvenient times,” and even stealing food right off Conway’s plate.  In addition to her naughty behavior, caring for Stella is quite costly. “It’s even harder to find an apartment to live in that will take her, since she is a German Shepherd mix. Generally, I … Read more

Why Losing A Dog Can Be Even More Painful Than The Death Of A Loved One

Has a friend ever confided in you that the loss of their dog caused more grief than the death of a close relative? Have you ever felt this way yourself? Society has conditioned us to feel ashamed of such emotions, but research suggests we are more than justified when we deeply mourn the loss of a furry friend. When our first family dog, Spike passed away, my father suffered terribly. He would come home from work and just sit in … Read more

Three Rescue Dogs Find The Perfect Match With Their Three Adopted Human Siblings

It’s hard to believe that Curtis and Roberta Griner could become even more inspiring. The couple are active dog rescuers, having fostered over 70 pups and adopted several of their own over the years. Now the young family has welcomed 3 new members – Jessica, Victoria, and Veronica – human sisters adopted from Poland. With the Griners’ 3 rescue dogs waiting at home, the girls arrived in America last month, each with her “own dog” already picked out. Victoria chose … Read more

NHL Coach Skips All Star Game To Be With His Deployed Son’s Sick Dog

Fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets know that Coach John Tortorella is a devoted family man. His son Nick is a US Army Ranger stationed abroad, so there was much concern and speculation when Tortorella announced that he would miss Thursday’s NHL All Star game and all of All Star weekend in order to attend to a “personal matter”. Many feared that the family had received bad news regarding Nick. Congratulations to John and Christine Tortorella on receiving one of … Read more

Missing Dog Returns To Family 4lbs Heavier: “He Was Obviously Living The Life Of A Lord”

The Gallagher family of Lougher, Duleek in Ireland are speaking out about the importance of microchipping your pets after receiving a holiday surprise that made them “happier than any lottery winners.” After 6 long months, they were reunited with their missing dog Spot. If not for his microchip, that joyous day may never have come. Spot was welcomed into the Gallagher family 6 years ago as a companion to their 10-year-old German Shepherd, Dora. As is common in the Irish countryside, … Read more

7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Family

If you’re anything like me, you love your dog and are pleased to have them as an honorary member of your family. I’ve got Gigi Ramos, and it even says so on her dog tag she wears around her hot pink spiked collar. From that first day she came to live with us over three years ago, I thought of her as one of our family members in the Ramos household. Technically it’s my daughter’s dog and I’m Gigi’s Gigi … Read more