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7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Family

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 18, 2015

If you’re anything like me, you love your dog and are pleased to have them as an honorary member of your family. I’ve got Gigi Ramos, and it even says so on her dog tag she wears around her hot pink spiked collar. From that first day she came to live with us over three years ago, I thought of her as one of our family members in the Ramos household. Technically it’s my daughter’s dog and I’m Gigi’s Gigi (grandma), but either way she is clearly a part of our family–and here to stay. Dogs are family to us and here are some of the best reasons why:


You Love Them As If They Actually Were Family

I love my dog, even in the times when she can drive me nuts… like when she thinks the UPS guy is the antichrist knocking on my door and goes bananas and wakes up the sleeping baby. That’s just one of her many charms. I can quickly forgive her though, because she’s just being protective, and once the door is open she’s wagging her tail at the person she thought she had to kill with all 10 pounds of her body.

You Give Them Your Last Name…And Most Likely A Middle Name, Too

I know I can’t be the only one that has a middle name for my dog… right? I mean, what else am I going to call her in her moments of cuteness or when I really need to get her undivided attention? She’s got her first and last name right there on her dog collar, too! “LaRou” is just saved for those special occasions…


Your Dog Is Included In Everything

Whether I’m just making a Starbucks run or want to go to the park, the dog gets to come along. After all, they’re family!

You Consider Your Dog When You’re Out Shopping

When I see something cute that my dog will like, I usually throw it right in the shopping cart. But, I wouldn’t say she’s spoiled, more like just well taken care of. You’d do the same things for your kids, right? Even if it’s just something small and inexpensive, you like to brighten your dog’s day when they know you were thinking of them.


No One Can EVER Say Anything Bad About Your Dog

Remember when we were kids and we may have griped to our friends about a family member that was irritating us? Well, it sorta goes unsaid that you can say what you want about your family, but no one can ever say something bad about them to you. And the same rule applies to your dog! I know my dog can be a pain and the butt at times, but guess what? She’s my dog, and no one can ever speak ill of my four-legged family member… unless they want me to go postal on them!

Because Your Life Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Them

Once your dog becomes an honorary member of the tribe, you miss them when you aren’t around each other. And as you can tell when you walk in the door to a happy puppy that’s jumping at your feet, the feeling is mutual. You cherish your time spent together, and miss them whenever you’re apart.


Because They Are Here To Stay…Furever

It doesn’t matter what your dog does, if you truly value your dog as a member of your family, then that means they are here to stay. You would never give up on family because blood is thicker than water, and your dog is now a part of your crew–for life!

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