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Shelter Dogs Write Pleading Valentines: Won’t You Be Mine?

| Published on February 13, 2020

Shelters and rescues around the world have to flex their marketing skills when it comes to finding homes for all of the animals in need. UK adoption site is similar to Pet Finder here in the United States. Just in time for February 14th, they’re featuring a select group of mixed breeds who have had a ruff time finding a perfect match. The site hopes that the dogs’ Valentine’s Day letters will tug on the right heartstrings and get these deserving boys and girls a forever home.

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Neo, Senior Male Staffordshire Mix Whose Heart Needs Healing

“My name is Neo and I’m on the search to find someone to help heal my broken heart. Some very bad things happened to me before I came to Freshfields but I am now ready to put the past behind me and finally have some fun. I have a big heart with lots of love to give. I love walkies, playing ball and snoozing in my bed. I am looking for a friend who will share those things with me.

Paws crossed, love from Neo.”

Image Dogs Blog

Bella, 3 Year Old Female Mixed Breed With a Big Heart

“Dear Valentine,

I have watched you from afar and longed to be cuddled up next to you. Feel your arms around me keeping me safe and secure. You’re the only one I need! I long to hear your voice call me and praise me for my good doings and love me for me. I promise to stand by you and be as loyal to you as you are to me. Endless love is what I crave and a home to call my own. To feel love and appreciation, knowing I will be yours forever is all I ask. We will share so many fond memories and make our own adventures together paw in hand. I hope this reaches you and we will finally be as one.

Yours forever and always, Bella xxx”

Image Dogs Blog

Friday, 7 Year Old Female Mixed Breed, Looks Like a Mini Lab

“Dear Valentine,

I am a small dog who is seeking big love. My name is Friday – bit of a daft name I know, but it is unusual. Will you be my new owner? I am looking for my soulmate who will take care of me forever. ‘I am small sized with a long body – I look like a Labrador but with short legs!  Sounds funny, but I know I am rather beautiful.  I am 7 years young, and although it’s rude to mention weight I am 9kg.”

Image Dogs Blog

Zac, Male Senior Akita, Abandoned by Family and Super Cutie

“I am a compact Akita and I won’t take up much room. I am told I am very handsome and distinguished and also that I have a kind heart.  I just need someone to share my love with. Could you be my Valentine?”

Image Dogs Blog

Olive, Young Adult Basenji Mix, Stabbing Survivor

Olive once lived in Thailand where she was attached by a machete for no reason at all. She survived and was rescued by an English woman who was living there. She is being fostered in London and due to her trauma, needs a little time to trust humans. But once she does, she is totally devoted!

“Please think about me, I am not perfect and will need a little time to get to know but once I love you, boy do I love you.

Big kisses, lots of Love, Olive”

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