This Enthusiastic Dog Ran Over His Owner After Successful Agility Run!

One of the best things about dogs is their unfiltered enthusiasm for just about everything! The dog in the video below is about to complete his agility run at Crufts, and he gets so overwhelmingly excited that he celebrates the moment it’s over! His feet just never stop going!

If you’re a movie fan you may recognize Tully from some of the films he’s been in. His dad, Colin Skeaping, works in TV and film as a stuntman, and was often able to find roles for Tully and his brothers! Bearded Collies were bred to herd, not to act, but he does a fantastic job anyway! He’s been in a few UK-based productions, including The Holiday with Kate Winslet and an episode of Midsommer Murders where he appeared in a small-town dog show. (You can see his episode on Netflix if you have an account!) He has also appeared onstage in a production of Annie.

Tully in Midsommer Murders.

Tully may be best known for this 2007 Crufts Agility Run, which blew the crowd away when he excitedly leapt into his handlers arms and bowled him right over! It didn’t seem to shake him up too much (he is a stuntman, after all) but don’t think it didn’t hurt! That’s 40-plus lbs. of fur-covered collie that’s knocking him into the fence around the course!

Tully lived a happy life with Skeaping and his other dogs, Eddie and Sandy. He passed away at the age of sixteen last year due to cancer, but left behind happy memories like this one. Skeaping continues to love and raise Bearded Collies.

Featured Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

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