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This Nativity Scene Starring Dogs Will Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

The nativity story is a classic tale told all over the world at Christmas time. We set up our little nativities in our yards or on our mantles, and even watch school children perform their nativity plays at this time of year. These scenes usually feature a few animals – sheep, sometimes camel, but dogs aren’t often included. It’s even more rare to see dogs starring in a nativity!

The people at Wags to Riches Pet Services in Mountsorrel, UK set up their own nativity in keeping with Christmas tradition, but with an adorable twist! In this nativity, all the parts are played by dogs – complete with a pup in a manger!

From what I remember about the nativity story, there were only five dogs and a pup, but extra dogs are never a bad thing. Dress rehearsal seems to be going well, everyone on their marks, in their towels, and looking great!

This is Wags to Riches’ second Christmas nativity. The year before they did a similar scene, but didn’t manage to snap a picture before one of their wisemen wandered off.

The photo of Wags to Riches’ Christmas nativity has gone viral, but they have other photos of their pups getting into the Christmas spirit!

The adorable reenactment had captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere, and it’s no wonder that photos of the festive bunch have gone viral!

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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