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This Senior Dog Was ‘Unadoptable’ But Finally Found Love

A tiny dog with one of a kind looks was rescued by an animal welfare agency in the United Kingdom, but she was deemed “too ugly” by potential adopters. Little Morissa patiently waited at the Danaher Animal Home in Essex where she was the last pup left on adoption day. She’s a plump and hairless Chinese Crested with large, loving eyes and little tufts of black and white fur- an impossible combo not to love!

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Love is Blind… and Bald!

Morissa’s luck changed when she finally found a mom who loved every bald bit of her! Rio Maye, 28, walked into the shelter to find a new family member. She knew she had found the missing link for their family when she laid eyes on Morissa. Rio brought the nearly blind, 13-year-old girl to her new home in Bedfordshire, England where the feisty pup’s larger than life personality blossomed. 

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A New Family, New Friends, and a Trendy Sense of Style

Morissa was given a new identity to go along with her new life. Her mom now calls her Morticia or Mort for short. Mort has been nothing but a beautiful, bald bundle of joy!

Rio said, “Morticia settled in straight away, she was so thrilled with her new bed that she dived straight into it and rolled around in joy!”

Sweet Morticia even has a new sibling- a tiny Chihuahua named Pea. Morticia’s mom says Morticia and Pea are best friends and even share their own Instagram. When the pair aren’t busy dressing up for photos, they can be found roaming the fields and exploring the woods by their house.

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Living in the Lap of Luxury and Her Mom

Morticia is nearly blind but she has adapted well. She comes running full of excitement and ready for her snuggles whenever her mom comes home. Morticia throws her paws in the air and waits for Rio to pick her up every afternoon. The peppy senior quickly memorized the furniture pattern in the house and can navigate her way to the snack station with ease.

Morticia’s mom gave an update to RSPCA.

“I take Mort everywhere with me and have recently purchased a pushchair as some days we can be out for hours. She loves the pushchair and we recently found ourselves at a festival where she enjoyed watching the band from the comfort of her shaded pram! She sleeps with me in my bed and is often spooning Pea. They are incredible friends as they both enjoy the quieter life.”

Rio hopes to bring awareness for senior dogs and spread the word about what great companions they can be.

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h/t: RSPCA

Featured Photo: @littleseniormoments/Instagram

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Written by Mariah Hammond
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