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Top 16 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers in 2016


#1 – Project Paws™ Freeze Dried Treats

Our goal with Project Paws™ is to create the line of dog treats like nature intended: pure, unadulterated raw, freeze dried meat, the food your dog was designed to eat.


#2 – Always By My Heart Adjustable Ring

This hugely popular and elegant ring reminds you of a special truth: your dog is always by your heart! Each purchase provides 10 meals for shelter dogs.

#3 – Love Paw Necklace

Paws are love. Love is paws! Show the world your love of dogs with this cute pendant, available in silver or gold. Each purchase provides 10 meals for shelter dogs!


#4 – Drink Wine & Rescue Dogs

Quite possibly our most popular shirt of all time! Feeds 7 shelter dogs. 


#5 – Rescue Rebuild Bracelets: Help Rebuild an Animal Shelter in Need!

Every purchase of these elegant beaded bracelets helps rebuild an animal shelter in need. Our first project is the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City. The grey jade or rosewood is symbolic of the building materials you help provide!

#6 – Breed USA Flag Tees

Show your love of country and your dog’s breed! Currently available for 60 different dog breeds.


#7 – Camo Paracord Survival Bracelet: Help Provide a Vet with a Service or Shelter Dog!

They served us. Here’s a simple way of serving them! Your purchase helps provide a service dog to a veteran in need.

#8 – Trucker Hat Collection

Our new trucker hat collection is turning heads! Each hat provides 5 meals for shelter or rescue dogs. 

#9 – Sock Collection

Keep your “paws” warm with our cute socks! Each purchase provides 5 meals for rescued pups. 

#10 – My Pet is Home Alone Keychain

Give the gift of peace of mind! Let rescue workers know that you have a pet in need of attention if you become injured. Provides 4 meals to shelter dogs. 

#11 – Watercolor Paw Clothing Line

Tens of thousands of dog lovers are wearing our Watercolor paw line. Makes an elegant and meaningful gift for any pet owner!


#12 – Wunderball: Get a Toy, Give a Toy to a Shelter Dog in Need

Dogs are going crazy over our Wunderball. Not only is the irregular surface great for their teeth, it also creates and erratic bouncing action that dogs absolutely love. Each purchase provides a donated ball for a shelter dog!


#13 – Give Your Dog the Gift of Healthy Teeth!

And give yourself the give of a dog with fresh breath! 🙂 Dogs are going nuts for our new Grain & Gluten free dental chews. We can barely keep them in stock! Each bag funds 7 shelter meals. 

#14 – The Gift That Gives Back (iHeartDogs Gift Certificates)

Give the gift of an online gift certificate from iHeartDogs! When the gift certificate is redeemed, the recipient will be providing shelter meals!

#15 – I Can’t Have Them All Mug

This popular mug nails the one and only problem with dogs! Snuggle up with your dog and grab a steaming cup of hot cocoa or egg nog! Each bag funds 5 shelter meals.


#16 – Rainbow Bridge Lava Bracelet

Inspired by the Rainbow Bridge poem, this memorial bracelet is a constant reminder of a pet who left paw prints on your heart. Each purchase feeds 7 shelter dogs. 


All Gifts Include a Card Explaining Our Mission and the Impact Your Purchase Made!


Written by Justin Palmer
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