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Track Your Dog’s Health & Location With One Amazing Tool

Written by: Amber LaRock
Amber LaRock is a writer and reviewer for iHD. She is a Licensed Vet Tech with 12 years of experience in the field, and she now creates informative content for pet parents.Read more
| Published on August 25, 2020

As pet parents, we are always looking for ways to better understand our canine companions. Though we have a front row seat to their daily lives in our home, there are always going to be little things that we miss.

Imagine the benefit of having a sneak peak into your dog’s overall health and happiness with the ease of using one simple tool. Well, thanks to Whistle GO Explore, we can now do just that.

whistle labs
Whistle GO Explore

Let’s introduce you to the impressive device that’s taking pet tracking and health monitoring up a notch!

Peace Of Mind On Your Adventures

Some of the best memories that we create with our canine companions are the ones that are made outdoors. Whether it’s a quick game of fetch in the yard or a walk through your favorite park, there is no better adventure than one spent with your pup. Though these are the moments we treasure, the unexpected can still happen. 

Our dogs can easily drift out of sight due to many reasons. Whether a passing car spooks them or they run ahead of you on your walk, we can lose track of our dogs in an instant. There is nothing more terrifying than the thought of your dog getting lost. Thankfully, Whistle GO Explore has you covered. 

whistle labs
Whistle GO Explore

By using the real-time tracking feature that is synced to your phone, you can easily find your dog’s location and reunite in a flash. With GPS tracking that links with AT&T Network and Google Maps, the path to your wandering canine will always be clear. With a battery life of up to 20 days and the impressive outdoor features, nothing will stand in the way of you finding your best bud. 

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Keep Your Dog Safe With Real-Time Tracking

Not only can Whistle GO Explore offer you peace of mind on your adventures, but it’s also packed with features that serve you and your dog’s everyday life as well. Some of the impressive safety features that this device offers includes:

  • Real-time GPS tracking in the event of your dog escaping your home
  • A location alert feature that notifies you of your dog’s whereabouts, even when you’re away from home
  • Ability to program a safe place and receive notifications anytime your dog leaves the safe place
  • A recorded 24 hour timeline of your dog’s whereabouts, making it easier to find peace when you are out of town
whistle labs
Whistle GO Explore

Get To Know Your Furry Friend Better Than Ever

Though Whistle GO Explore shines in its tracking abilities, there is much more to this device than its location features. Not only will you have access to your dog’s whereabouts each day, but you will also get a play by play of their daily behavior. We can’t always keep an eye on our dogs at every single moment, making this tool such a beneficial addition to you and your dog’s life. 

The Whistle GO Explore tracks behaviors such as playing, napping, drinking, running, scratching, licking, and more! Each day you have access to a 24 hour timeline of your dog’s actions throughout the day, making it easier than ever to really understand your pup and their habits. Not only can this tool help you get to know your dog better than ever, it can even give you a glimpse into their overall health. 

whistle labs
Whistle GO Explore

Track Your Dog’s Health With Ease

Whenever our pets are feeling ill, one of the first signs we notice is a change in their behavior. Though we can often pick up on any major shifts in their habits, sometimes it can be challenging to catch the subtle changes. You’d be surprised at just how many medical conditions begin with small changes in their daily behaviors, making it so important to track them when possible.

With the Whistle GO Explore health tracking features, you can potentially catch an illness in its tracks. With keeping a log of your dog’s time spent licking, scratching, sleeping, drinking, playing, and more; you can be notified of subtle changes that may point to a developing illness.

Some medical conditions that can cause a trackable change in behavior include:

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Ear infections
  • Urinary issues
  • Diabetes
  • & more!

Early detection of these conditions can give your pup a better chance at a speedy recovery. With the 30 day behavior summary that the Whistle GO Explore provides, you can easily show the results to your vet and discuss any of your concerns. 

Not only do you get documentation that you can provide at your next vet appointment, but you also get access to your own personal vet through the Whistle App. These vets can give you advice on anything from healthy weight loss to proper diet portions, and are available to chat on multiple contact platforms! 

whistle labs
Whistle GO Explore

The Science Behind Whistle GO Explore

So how does Whistle offer so many impressive features? Well, the answer is in their research!

Unlike other GPS tracking and health tracking devices for dogs, Whistle bases their research on the behaviors of actual dogs. So many pet tracking devices use results from human studies, leading to inaccurate results when it comes to tracking our furry friends. With research data from over 60,000 dogs, Whistle has been able to create a pet health and prevention network unlike any other.

With programs like the Pet Insight Project and their Filternet Patent, Whistle has been able to observe early indicators of disease in dogs and compare it against previous behavior research. By joining the two together and having a constant influx of new data, the Whistle GO Explore is able to offer assistance that you just can’t get with any other device. Whistle truly stands apart from the rest!

iHeartDogs Pet Parents Love Whistle

It’s clear that Whistle GO Explore offers peace of mind and safety that you just can’t get with other tracking devices. Just listen to the impressive testimonials of dog owners like you:

Justin Palmer, Founder of iHeartDogs, personal testimonial on his experience with Whistle:

“I’ve continuously had a Whistle GPS on my Siberian Husky Splash for the past 5 years. She’s an escape artist, and has frequently slipped out the front door or escaped the backyard. When she has gotten out the GPS perimeter notifications are a lifesaver, letting me know she got out of the safe zone of our yard. It’s enabled me or my wife to find her really quickly using the app. Whistle is an insurance policy for my pup that I’d never go without!”

First time dog owner experience, Erica:

“I am a first time user of Whistle GO Explore and I am thrilled with the results.  Suzie is our 4 year old Terrier Mix rescue who loves to explore the outdoors, sometimes unaccompanied, which is where Whistle comes in.  The app is very user friendly, allowing me to add family members to help track Suzie, as well as notifications when she steers away from our home. The long battery life and nightlight has been a tremendous help.  My favorite part is how it monitors her licking, scratching, & sleep habits.  It sends me a weekly wellness report, monthly stats and even sends my vet a 30-day wellness report as well!”

whistle labs
Whistle GO Explore

Special Offer For iHeartDogs

Whistle is offering iHeartDogs readers an exclusive $20 off with code IHEART20 at checkout, 90 days to play, risk-free and free shipping! There has never been a better chance to join the Whistle GO Explore movement and watch how well you can get to know your beloved companion!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Whistle GO Explore today

Image Source: Whistlelabs/Facebook


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