“Boston Terrier” Joins Unsuspecting Family For Football Game

Dog parents aren’t perfect. They say love is blind, and, sometimes, we’re blinded by our love for our dogs. We love them for who they are and the joy they bring us. Sometimes that joy is brought by welcome home kisses and tail wags. Other times the love flows while we’re snuggled up with them on the couch. Speaking of which, when snuggling up on your couch with your dog, maybe just make sure it’s really your dog first. Or a dog, period.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A…

According to whdh.com, a man in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts had a surprise guest for the New England Patriots game. If you’re into football or love someone who is into football, then you know it’s entirely possible to get tunnel vision as you get sucked into the thrill of the game. This homeowner suffered from football tunnel vision when he thought he saw his Boston Terrier sprawled out on the couch. However, there was one big, furry error. That Boston Terrier was actually a raccoon! In fact, it was a really, really fat trash panda who sauntered into a warm room with a comfy couch and snacks galore.

The raccoon had somehow found his way into the family’s recreation room and invited himself to stay and watch the game. But to be fair, the homeowner wasn’t wearing his glasses and raccoons do have adorable faces too! Sadly for the rascally raccoon, he was not asked to stay for the halftime show. His surprise guest appearance was probably enough of a show for one night!


Sir, We’re Going To Have To Ask You To Leave

The West Bridgewater Police Department was contacted. The boys and girls in blue bravely came to help remove the relaxed raccoon. The chubby critter reportedly was a Kansas City Chiefs fan, who happened to be playing the Patriots that day. He appears to have left without incident which is more than can be said for many disorderly sports fans. We’d be willing to bet he doesn’t play much football, but if he did, it’s probably safe to bet that he is a wide receiver.

Somebody get this guy a hot dog and a beer! The Chiefs won 23 to 16, so who got the last laugh?

@Pumpkin TheRaccoon/Facebook

If this football fanatic raccoon has tugged on your heartstrings then take a look at Pumpkin. She was a raccoon that was found abandoned as a baby in the Bahamas. Pumpkin’s human mom bottle-fed her and raised her alongside the family’s two rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo. Pumpkin has never seen herself as anything different. She has always been one of the pack! Pumpkin snuggles with her K9 brothers and ropes them into all of her antics. From paddleboarding to baking, to terrorizing the couch pillows, Pumpkin and her doggy brothers are always ready for a wild time!

h/t: whdh.com
Featured Photo: @PumpkinTheRaccoon/Facebook

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