UPDATE: Buddy, The Dog Set On Fire By A Child, Finally Gets His Bandages Off!

Buddy the dog has seen unthinkable cruelty — but the light at the end of the tunnel is finally here. 

After being found set on fire by a child this April in Mississippi, Buddy was forced to live covered in bandages to help heal his painful burn wounds. Now, Buddy is bandage-free and continuing his recovery journey at the Mississippi State Veterinary Hospital. 

Without the bandages covering his eyes, Buddy can now see to play with toys and wander around the halls of the veterinary hospital. His whole personality has changed now that he can see for the first time in months, the Tunica Humane Society said. 

Image: Tunica Humane Society/ Facebook

“Buddy’s days at Mississippi State are much different now,” the humane society said on Facebook. “His eyes are no longer covered with heavy bandages. He can see and he is loving every minute of his new life. Buddy’s whole personality has changed since seeing the light of day. He is happy and playful and walks the halls of the hospital with a great big ball in his mouth. He loves balls. He carries them around so everyone can see them.”

Due to the burns on his face, Buddy will require future surgeries on his eyelids. But for now, he is just getting to be a dog for the first time in months. The vets are letting him rest, but also taking time out of their day to make sure he has playtime and time outdoors. 

Buddy has been doing so well that vets gave approval for his neuter surgery — and he went through it with flying colors. He’s now going to start treatment for heartworms as he continues his recovery at Mississippi State. 

Image: Tunica Humane Society/ Facebook

In addition to the veterinary and humane society teams cheering Buddy on, he’s also gained a huge following online.

His most recent recovery update has gotten over 26,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 5,300 comments wishing him well. The Humane Society has even created t-shirts with Buddy’s face on them to help show support for the dog.

Image: Tunica Humane Society/ Facebook

It’s all that the sweet pup deserves after being put through so much. Despite what he’s endured, Buddy is still the sweetest, most loving dog. 

The Tunica Humane Society is thankful for all the love and support Buddy has received throughout his recovery journey. While it will still be some time before he’s available for adoption, it’s clear there are already many people interested in the sweet dog. 

Image: Tunica Humane Society/ Facebook

“I have to say thank you again to the thousands and thousands of people that have prayed for Buddy,” the humane society said. “Our prayers are being answered every day. May God continue to bless this precious dog.”

H/T: Fox 13 Memphis
Featured Image: Tunica Humane Society/ Facebook 

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