What A Day In The Life Of A Service Dog Looks Like

These dogs better the lives of the people they serve by allowing them to me more mobile and independent – whether they guide, alert, console, fetch, carry weight, open doors, or any of the hundreds of tasks they are trained to do – these dogs are every day heroes.


August 2-8 is International Assistance Dog Week with August 4 being National Assistance Dog Day and we feel the best way to honor them is to showcase what these amazing dogs do every day, because it’s their job.

#1 – Man’s best friend

Image source: Swong95765 via Flickr
Image source: Swong95765 via Flickr

#2 – Poodle assisting her owner in Park Place Market, Seattle

Image source: @LisaNorwood via Flickr
Image source: @LisaNorwood via Flickr

#3 – Lyla brings her owner, Cpl. Sue Downers, a spray water bottle for her prosthetics.

Image source: @TheUSArmy via Flickr
Image source: @TheUSArmy via Flickr

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