When They Bring Home A New Dog, His Reaction Is Priceless


One of the reasons we love dogs so much is their uninhibited honesty. If you’re not sure what your pup is thinking, just look at his face–or into those big, soulful eyes–and you’ll know exactly how he feels about any given situation!

Imgur user  posted some pictures of this hilariously expressive Husky who looks less than thrilled to be sharing the attention with this fluffy new family member.

“He loves his new sister,” reads the caption (we assume there’s a bit of sarcasm there!).

Commenter HailToUltron humorously noted, “That’s the look of an only child being usurped by the new kid.”

Just take a look at this unimpressed pup, trying to ignore his adorable new sister:

Posing for pictures? Not going to happen.


He is completely unaffected by her cuteness…


…and the pup’s attempts at being affectionate.


Looks like this new “sibling thing” may take some adjusting.


Isn’t this typical “oldest child” behavior when the new baby arrives? We’re sure that it wasn’t long before they became best friends!

Written by Karen Tietjen

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