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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Have you ever wondered why your dog will go outside and take a big chomp of your lawn, for no apparent reason? Sometimes he may have just had breakfast, sometimes just woke up from a nap… there’s really no set time for when dogs eat grass. But why grass? Dogs are omnivores, but they aren’t your typical grazer. What drives a dog to eat grass in the first place?

Our Theories On Why Dogs Eat Grass…

Nausea/Stomach Upset

There have been many theories, but veterinarians seem to support the idea that dogs often eat grass due to gastrointestinal upset. Typically by gulping down large clumps of grass, the digestive system lining gets irritated by the blades and causes the dog to vomit. Nobody likes throwing up, but I think we can all admit it usually does make us feel a little better. Dogs that eat grass to cure their nausea generally have a sort of gastric reflux or inflammatory condition. It doesn’t seem to cause any more trouble than the vomiting, and since our dogs seem to be doing it to help themselves, there’s really no reason to stop the behavior.

Excessive Hunger

Some believe that dogs may be excessively hungry or are lacking proper nutrition. If you’re feeding your dog enough food, try adding some fresh, steamed green beans to his diet to help provide more fiber and a feeling of satiety. Green beans contain almost no calories, so your pup will feel full without packing on any extra pounds.

Grass is Tasty!

Another theory, and probably with a good amount of truth, is that some dogs just like to eat grass. Some will just get bored laying down and start chewing away. They aren’t typically taking down the big gulps of the grass that they would if they had gastric upset, but they’ll certainly eat as much, if not more just because it tastes good. You might even find that your dog prefers certain types of grass over others. Dogs like to eat, and they evolved to eat a variety of different foods offered to them. Grass may have been a part of that diet at one particular time.

While there may be no obvious or proven reason to why our dogs eat grass, it’s safe to say we have some ideas that seem to provide reasonable answers. So if you see Fido mowing the backyard, don’t be too concerned. If he’s constantly vomiting, it might be time for a check up with the vet. But overall, dogs will be dogs. Sometimes that includes grass eating, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s just one more weird quirk that makes our four-legged friends so endearing.

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Written by Katie Finlay

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