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Why Natural Rubber Toys Are Best For Your Pup

| Published on August 22, 2017

We know you want what’s best for your pup. You feed him the best food you can find. You make sure he gets all the exercise and attention he needs. You’re always filling his bowl with fresh water. But have you ever considered whether his toys could be better for him – or more specifically, if the material they’re made from is as healthy as it could be?

If you have a “shredder,” you’ve probably spent plenty of money buying toys, and maybe you’ve given up on plush playthings altogether! Rubber is a good choice in terms of durability, plus its texture can be extra-pleasing to your pup’s teeth and gums, especially when he catches it mid-air!

But perhaps you’ve never considered the difference between natural and synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber is made with chemicals, manufactured in pollution-producing factories, and it sits in landfills for decades (and more) once it’s thrown out. Natural rubber is made from trees, is less processed, and doesn’t cause this type of pollution to the environment. Wouldn’t  you rather give your dog the latter?

While we may not think twice about bouncing a ball for Fido to fetch, we do pay attention to the other things he puts in his mouth. We make sure that the morsel he found on the floor is not chocolate or something else toxic to him, steer him away from nibbling plants, and command him to drop a splintering stick. When you think about it, do you really want a chemical-laced synthetic rubber toy in his mouth?

We at iHeartDogs love dogs as much as you do. That’s why we created the PAWtomic™ Unpredictable Bouncing Ball. It moves erratically, feels great on your dog’s teeth, and is made from 100% natural rubber! This is not a chew toy, but if your dog manages to tear it apart, you don’t have to feel too bad about throwing it out (which you should, of course!).

These balls come in a variety of colors, and their unique shape allows them to bounce every which way. Your fluffy fetcher will go crazy over this wonky toy, and his prey drive will be satiated once he gets his jaws on its gummy surface!

Better yet, the PAWtomic™ Unpredictable Bouncing Ball is part of Project Play™, meaning that each purchase also provides a toy to a shelter dog in need. You can feel good treating your dog, preserving the environment, and helping other dogs as they wait for their forever homes.


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