Woman Decides To Sell Her Apartment To Pay For Her Dog’s Medical Expenses

How much do you love your dog? If your dog got sick, would you give up everything just so that he/she could be treated?

Well, that’s exactly what this woman named Tanja Jankovic did.

Tanja Jankovic is a 35-year-old Serbian woman who decided to sell her apartment and all her material possessions to pay for her dog’s operation and medications.

Source: Tanja Jankovic - Facebook
Source: Tanja Jankovic – Facebook


Her dog Leo has aortic valve stenosis, which is the narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve, and it’s a life threatening disease. Tanja took Leo to the vet and the only way that her beloved dog could be saved is if he undergoes surgery.

Source: Tanja Jankovic - Facebook
Source: Tanja Jankovic – Facebook


Leo’s surgery is going cost a lot. She posted on a popular Serbian pet forum asking for help. She was so desperate to save her beloved dog that she decided to sell her washing machine for about $150. But she wasn’t able to find a buyer, and she knew she was going to need more money. That’s when she decided to sell her one-bedroom apartment.

Source: PetFace
Source: PetFace


Tanja figured that in selling her apartment, she will be able to pay for Leo’s surgery and will also cover the medications that Leo needs for the rest of his life.

Her story was shared on Facebook and has touched a lot of people. Tanja has received donations from kindhearted strangers so she can start her dog’s medical treatment. However, she still needs more money so she and Leo can go to Belgrade to have the operation done.

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