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Woman Living In A Garage To Care For Rescue Dogs Gets The Surprise Of Her Life

There are many unsung heroes in the dog rescue world – people who give up just about everything to help animals that need saving. Sherri Stankewitz is one of those people. She is the founder and operator of West Coast Animal Rescue.


Stankewitz is so dedicated, she actually lives at the shelter. In a garage.


“I was renting a kennel space and it was up, so I need to find a place for 30 days for 30 dogs,” Stankewitz told iHeartDogs.com. “A friend of a friend had a space, but I had to do what it took in the interim.” Even if it did mean leaving in a garage.

She works anywhere between 15 and 18 hours a day, including most weekends. She has not had a real vacation that she can remember.

Clearly, an unsung hero deserving of something special. And that’s why the people of Prank it Forward, a campaign by Break.com whose mission is to “spread joy through pranks,” decided Stankewitz, and her dogs, deserved a wonderful surprise.

PIF Adoption Dog

So, during her biggest adoption event, Prank It Forward (along with some help from Stankewitz’s friends and volunteers), staged a dream come true for anyone who works in rescue.

But first, they had to have some fun. A man dressed as a “pet inspector” told Stankewitz all her dogs had to be gone in an hour – and no one was showing up to adopt.

When the guy came back early, Stankewitz was at her wits’ end. Until she saw the trailer and who was inside!

Prank it Forward provided Stankewitz with a brand new trailer for transporting dogs, enough money to cover her operating expenses for an entire year and, best of all, homes for every single dog at her event!

Watch the entire prank below, and have the tissues handy!

We think this is the best prank ever! A more deserving woman could not have been chosen. And we are so happy for all those dogs who found loving homes.

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