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Woman Visits Lonely Chained Dog For Years Until She Finally Gets To Set Her Free

| Published on October 17, 2021

Have you ever walked by a tied-up dog, and they’re so excited to see someone they test the strength of their leash just to come say hello? Imagine if that dog had been chained up like that for years. That’s the sad past of an Akita named Takia, who kept up her love for humans even after spending all her life anchored to a tree.

Laura Seymour Clark, a student at Liberty University, noticed the dog on her way to school. Her life changed the moment she first interacted with Takia.


In an interview with The Dodo, Laura described that day:

“I was just driving to school one morning and I noticed this little black and white figure chained to this tree. She was really muddy. The chain she was on was really short, and it broke my heart just to see her like that.”

From that moment on, Laura became committed to helping Takia. She saw that the Akita had water in her bowl, but Laura didn’t see any food. Ultimately, she decided to call animal control.

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When Laura happened upon the dog, she had already been chained to the tree for four and a half years. The dog’s owners reportedly didn’t have the means to properly care for her, but also weren’t willing to give her up.

“Nothing was really done from that point, so I would stop by around three or four times a week for about a year.”

She brought toys and treats, and the sweet pup was always really excited and happy to see her. Laura wanted nothing more than to unhook her from these chains.


It wasn’t until Laura noticed Takia’s ear infections and worsening health that something actually happened. By that time, Animal Control was able to get the owners to surrender Takia.


When they asked Laura if she knew anyone who could provide a home for the dog, she immediately jumped at the chance. Finally, this would mean the end of Takia’s chained-up life.

Takia Finally Experiences The World… And Love

Unshackled, Takia’s life could not be more different than the suffering she endured for years. Now, she rolls around in her backyard, she bounds through the snow, and she even finds excitement inside the walls of her new home.

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Laura has been introducing Takia to the world she’s been missing, one day at a time, and the grateful pooch has been living her life to the absolute fullest.

“At first, it’s been really exciting watching her explore different things that she’s never been able to do. So I take her on hikes and walks.”


Despite the way she spent her early life due to humans’ actions, Takia never held a grudge. She simply loves to socialize.

“When anybody comes in our home, she wants to just love on them. She will sit on the tips of your feet so you can pet her for hours and not be able to move.”


It’s so unfair and tragic that Takia had to spend years of her life chained up to a tree. Her new mom is doing absolutely everything she can to prove to this dog that she’s worthy of love and deserves more.

“I wanna make sure that those years that she can’t get back, that she never has to live like that again.”

If you see a dog in need of help and want to do something about it, here are some tips for reporting abuse. You could change a life like Laura did for Takia.

H/T: The Dodo
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