You Need This Personalized Board Game Starring Your Dog

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that someone in your life who’s obsessed with their dog? Or, do you just think your dog deserves to be plastered on more stuff in your own home? Well, the “Your Dog” Breaks The Internet: Personalized Board Game is what you need., which calls itself “a personalized shop for dogs, cats, and their humans,” sells all kinds of adorable products tailored to your dog. You may have heard of the “Where’s Waldo”-esque search and find books they make individually. They also custom-make blankets, calendars, mugs, notebooks, clocks, and more.


One of their latest products is this dog-centric board game. It’s cute and fun and retails for only $39.99 USD. The company also makes personalized gift bags, wrapping paper, and cards featuring your dog’s cartoon-ized face, so you can go even more extra with your gifting.

Happy holidays indeed!


About The Board Game

The “Your Dog” Breaks The Internet: Personalized Board Game has some similar elements and some that are unique. As shared to their Instagram page:

“Every dog deserves to have playtime, so that’s why we created the world’s first board game personalized to your dog!”


Those personalized aspects include a board with your dog’s likeness all over it, six different Dog playing pieces, one die, plus Scandal, Audition, and Hooman playing cards. According to the product’s description online, the game is about getting your pup the fame he or she deserves.

“Play to win (or lose) celebrity status, and follow the path to fame while you try your best to avoid scandals that could see your dog’s reputation ruined. The goal: Break the Internet!”


This video from reveals a little more about how it looks and works:

Visit the site to get games for your friends and family (or yourself!)

A Shop For Dogs That Employs Dog Lovers (And A Dog) doesn’t just make products for dog people. The Manchester, England based shop also employs dog lovers and even actual dogs. In fact, their employee of the month was a dog for over a year.

Instagram founder John Smith was grateful to have his dog Lottie to keep him company during the 2020/2021 pandemic. He decided to pass that joy on to his staff virtually. Smith explained:

“I decided to start sharing photos of our days with the team to keep everyone smiling. Lottie was a total star and definitely deserved to be awarded ‘Empawee’ of the Month for simply making the whole team smile on busy days and for keeping me company.”

Because she kept everyone sane during remote work times, Lottie won the company’s Employee of the Month title from April 2020 to June 2021.

Instagram also employs a CPO (“Chief Puppy Officer”) whose job is to help the company’s working pawrents out during the day. The official description states:

“Dogs have always been welcome in our office, but as more staff who’ve recently got a dog gradually return to the office, we needed a policy in place to ensure that they can also juggle their roles as new ‘pawrents’. The Chief Puppy Officer will play a key role in making sure that the team can continue to create amazing new gift products for our customers and their pets.”

If that sounds serious, here’s what the job largely entails:

It’s a hard job but someone has to do it – from playing with our dogs and ensuring they’re entertained and stimulated, to tickling tummies, offering endless strokes and catering for their every need, it’s essential that the hired CPO is prepared to offer puppy love on tap from 9 ‘til 5.”

I wish they were still hiring for that position. It seems worth moving across the world for.

H/T: People
Featured Image: YouTube/Instagram

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