Your Support Fed This “White Wolf” Of A Stray

iHeartDogs works closely with GreaterGood by donating part of each sale to their various charity efforts. One of the charities, Rescue Bank, works to donate quality dog food to shelters and rescues who are in need. Many shelters and rescues could not run without the generous donations from organizations like this, so your support makes a huge impact! 

Those who spotted Winter wandering around Northern Michigan in 2017 took him for a white wolf. At the very least, he looked wolf-like and appeared larger than a coyote. He certainly was feral. Witnesses had even reported sightings to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Fortunately, animal control and Tina’s Bed & Biscuit joined forces to save Winter from hunters and starvation. And yep- turns out he’s just a wolf-like dog! Winter couldn’t have asked for a better rescue team than TB&B. They work with dogs that take a longer time to adjust.

“Our rescue indeed takes in adoptable dogs, but our focus for years has been the dogs that need a great deal of time to adjust to a “normal” life. You know, those that are abused, chained and not socialized, or feral and afraid of everything. The dogs that need the most time, but have few opportunities in the rescue world, due to time and money constraints.”

Now, Winter is in long-term rehabilitation, learning to act less feral and to trust.  Most importantly, Winter never has to wonder where his next meal is coming from. Rescue Bank donates much-needed food to Tina’s Bed & Biscuit.

Winter will never be hungry again, thanks to the support of’s Rescue Bank and its donors. The quality food we as a rescue receive helps to bring wellness to our rescue intakes, and we are so grateful!

Rescue Bank operates on a national food bank model. This means they accept donations from manufacturers, retails and distributors. They then pay for these products to ship to a regional distribution center. There, participating rescue groups and non-profits can pick up the food. This major cost-saver allows them to allocate their resources to other important rescue aspects, like medical care and operation costs.

With each purchase of a product on the iHD website, you’ll be providing a specific number of daily meals to shelter dogs through our partnership with Rescue BankJust look at what a difference that made for Winter!

“Winter still remains semiferal as of this writing, but he enjoys his new life! He has two full meals a day, and he loves loves LOVES snacks! He watches the food deliveries when they come in and eagerly awaits the new treats that await him!”

Winter gives weekly video updates to all the fans on the Facebook page for Tina’s Bed & Biscuit. Well, there might be a little video editing magic and voiceover work involved, but they’re still updates featuring Winter! Fans eagerly anticipate “Winter Wednesday.”

While Winter learns the skills to be a great companion, he won’t yet be up for adoption. In the meantime, you can sponsor the pup or donate to Tina’s Bed & Biscuit here!

Thank you iHeartDogs fans for your continued support. Winter would probably thank you too if he could!

Images courtesy of Tina’s Bed & Biscuit.

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