11 Ways You Know You’re A Crazy Dog Parent

Our dogs are our babies. We consider them family from day 1, we care for them, and they become a vital part of our lives.

From the way we spoil and gush about our dogs, some people may think we’re nuts. But we don’t care, because we know our pooches make us happier, healthier, and overall better people.

Here are 11 signs that you’re a crazy pup parent, and that’s okay; because if anyone understands your canine-loving quirks, it’s definitely us.

1. You consider yourself a dog parent rather than a dog owner.

Cars and furniture are things that we own; dogs are furry family members!

Dog baby 1
Paul Bettner via Flickr

2. You’ve changed your daily routines in order to make your dog’s life easier.

Whether it’s waking up earlier to take the pooch potty or foregoing your Friday night plans in favor of staying home with the hound (and we’ve all enjoyed using the, “I wish I could, but my dog…” excuse), our pups take priority. But their company is so rewarding, we don’t even mind being homebodies.

3. Vacations stress you out because it means you’ll have to leave your dog.

In order to alleviate some of the anxiety, you force your dog sitter to text you frequent picture updates, or you board your pup in a luxury facility that features live-stream cameras (which you check obsessively, about every 5 minutes).

Dog Sitter

4. And whenever possible, your pup tags along on your travels.

You’ve done your fair share of research on dog-friendly attractions and hotels. And when it comes to visiting family over the holidays, they better expect Fido to join in on the festivities!

Nisa yeh via Flickr

5. You go to run errands, then end up on a shopping spree at the pet store.

Because buying toys and treats for your pooch is way less stressful than bathing suit shopping. Plus, your sweet baby is the one member of the family who loves every gift you get him.

Pet Store
rpavich via Flickr

6. You encourage puppy kisses, despite the inevitable surplus of slobber.

Before your dog, you used to think it was gross; now you consider it a sloppy sign of love.

Dog lick
Michelle Tribe via Flickr

7. Your phone, computer, and social media pages are overflowing with pooch pics.

Your dog is just so photogenic! Plus, is it really fair to withhold such cuteness from the world?

@lifewithluna14 via Instagram

8. Your dog gets dibs on where to sleep in your bed–and you work around him.

But your mattress-hogging, cover-stealing, pillow-snuggling pup sleeps so angelically, you just can’t bear to disturb him.

chopper bed (1)

9. You begin to prepare your meals with Fido-friendly foods so your pup can partake in some delicious home-cookin’. 

Because you know that there’s nothing like the taste of something that’s made with love.

luna dinner (1)
@lifewithluna14 via Instagram

10. You have complete conversations with your dog.

He responds with gazes and head tilts rather than disagreements and complaints. What a wonderful conversationalist!

dog convo
Randi Hausken via Flickr

11. You begin to compare your human relationships with the one you share with your pooch.

You deserve admiration, loyalty, and unconditional love–and your pup is here to prove it!

chop and belle (2)

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