12 Hilarious Human Products Made Just For Dogs

It’s no secret dog owners are constantly sharing things with dogs — snacks, shirts, beds, you name it. But now there’s a whole market for healthier, more dog-friendly items that are designed after the goodies people love so much. Some are a bit ridiculous, but we aren’t going to pretend like we don’t have a few of these things ourselves.

#1 – Bowser Beer

Photo credit: The Examiner

Yes, you’ve read that right. Bowser Beer is a beer for your dog. It’s not much of a beer at all, as it’s non-alcoholic and actually made from real chicken. But dogs seem to love it!

#2 – Doggles

Photo credit: Doggles

We admittedly love Doggles. They’re super cool for keeping your pooch’s eyes protected, if you can get your dog to wear them. Mostly they make from great photos when you sit your dog on a motorcycle.

#3 – Treadmill

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 4.48.29 PM
Photo credit: DogTread

Treadmills especially made for dogs might sound silly, but they are a great resource for owners who can’t physically provide enough exercise or dogs that need slow rehab after injuries. While it might seem easier to use a human treadmill, they can interfere with a dog’s natural stride if they aren’t long enough and can cause more harm than good.

#4 – Wandant

Photo credit: Engadget

The Wandant is currently only available in Japan, but it covers a market that isn’t quite dog-inclusive yet. The Wandant is a pedometer for your dog. For whatever reason, you may have wondered how many steps your dog takes each day enough to want a pedometer for your dog. Well, now you can order one!

#5 – People Crackers

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 4.57.41 PM
Photo credit: Dollar Tree

People eat animal crackers, so why can’t dogs eat people crackers? Well, now they can. These are actually a very old treat that was manufactured in the 1970’s, but they’ve made a comeback and are a popular snack again!

#6 – Frosty Paws

frosty paws
Photo credit: Frosty Paws

Everyone loves ice cream, even dogs, but many dogs are lactose intolerant and none should be eating that kind of sugar anyway. So Purina invented Frosty Paws, the ice cream especially crafted for dogs.

#7 – Snuggie

Yes, this is a real thing. There are people Snuggies, there are children Snuggies and there are dog Snuggies. Because we can’t help but find this to be just a little bit overboard and there’s no way we could ever figure out how to sell it, we present you with the commercial.

#8 – PoochPouch Backpack

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.06.10 PM
Photo credit: Outward Hound

No, this isn’t a backpack for your dog to wear. Yes, it is a backpack for you to wear to carry your dog around in. Think of it as a Doggie Bjorn, if you will. It’s completely ridiculous, but I guess if you have an injured or disabled dog you’d like an easier way to take them out with you.

#9 – Pet High Chair

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.06.44 PM
Photo credit: Hammacher Schlemmer

Stop. Just stop.

#10 – Mungo & Maud “Petit Amande” Dog Fragrance

Photo credit: Mungo & Maud

Dogs stink, so why not make them smell beautiful and feel as fancy as can be? Forget those cheap dog sprays, show your pooch some love with their very own perfume. 

#11 – Color Paw Nail Polish

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.10.09 PM
Photo credit: Funny Fur

This might also be very silly, but at least it’s cute. This nail polish is made specifically for dogs and if you can get your pup to sit still enough for a nice painting, she’ll be strolling around town in style.

#12 – Woof & Brew Tea

Photo credit: Dog & Pup

Did someone say it was tea time? This seems absurd, but herbal tea can actually be beneficial to our dogs. So if you can get your dog to drink it (after you brew it just like tea for yourself) you might notice some positive side effects. Plus you’ll feel quite sophisticated.

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