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12 Signs You’re A Crazy Pup Parent

Like any proud parent, we dog owners will do anything to help our pooch progenies live life to to the fullest! To outsiders, some of our habits may appear a little–er–crazy.  For instance, tucking them into (our) beds, singing them little songs, and even engaging them in conversation may look a little weird to an unknowing observer. But we just can’t help it–our dogs are part of the family! Here are 12 things we pup parents do every day that may appear out-of-the-ordinary to someone who’s never had a pooch.

1. We handle their poop. Constantly. All the time. Without batting an eye. (Cat owners can relate to this one…)

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2. We talk to them as if they’re itty bitty baby wabies. Yes, we baby-talk our little fuzzy wuzzy buddies. They’re just sho fluffy!

My friend's puppy got a bath and was quite content after

3. And we try to rationalize with them. “Charlie, what did I tell you? You can’t have another treat until after dinner! Do you really want to spoil your appetite?”

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