15 Dogs You Need To Follow On Instagram

Looking to fill your day with cute and inspiring images of every day? All you need to do is follow these 15 dogs on Instagram!

#1 – Maru Taro 

This cute Shiba from Japan is making pic waves on Instagram. He has 1.4million followers and loves getting his picture taken among the flowers.


#2 – Tuna Melts My Heart

This guy has 1.2 million followers. ‘Nuff said.


#3 –  Maddie

This cute coonhound can perch on to of anything. Get ready to smile along with her 826k other followers.


#4 – Manny The Frenchie

Manny is just plain adorable. The proof is in his 667k followers.


#5 – Buddy, Boo & Blue

These three best buds are a fluffy pile of golden entertainment. They have 568k followers.


#6 – Barkley

This cute Pom knows how to strike a pose and he has 479k followers to prove it!


#7 – Momo

This famous Border Collie has his own hide-and-seek book. He has 353k followers on Instagram.


#8 – Sir Charles Barkley

Yup, another one. With 329k followers, it’s clear the world loves Frenchies!


#9 – Digby & Alogysius Van Winkly 

These cute little scruffy griffons are very photogenic. Just ask their 297k followers.


#10- Trotter

No surprise another Frenchie, they are just so photogenic! Trotter has 206k fans and has been recognized on the streets of San Francisco where he lives.


#11 – Menswear Dog 

Meet your dog’s new fashion guru with 174k followers.


#12 – ps.ny

This adorable pup has taken city life by storm and is quickly gaining followers, with 66k currently.


#13 – Balki Bones

This three-legged Havanese is a rising star with 61.8k followers.


#14 – Sookie & Ivy 

Looking for a daily chuckle? Here it is! These two have 56.6k followers.


#15 – Oscar The Sheltie 

Another rising star, Oscar is a cute and sassy sheltie with 36.7k followers.


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