Anxious, Overlooked Shelter Dog Finds Comfort In Her Pile Of Toys

As a rescue dog who’s nervous around other dogs, 2-year-old Bella’s chances of adoption become much smaller. One organization re-homed the Lurcher mix, but that family couldn’t cope with her behavior around other dogs. So, they put her in the care of the RSPCA for behavioral training.

After working with Bella for almost 2 years, the RSPCA feels confident the right family is out there for her. Sadly, this dog has spent most of her life in kennels without interest from an adopter.


Bella’s Behavior Improved With Patience

The Ashley Heath RSPCA Centre in Dorset, England specializes in “neglected and cruelly treated domestic animals.” When they started training Bella, they could tell she had been neglected and improperly socialized.

Behavior and welfare advisor Hannah Hawkins said:

“Bella is really worried by other dogs and lacks socialization skills that she missed out on in her early, formative months. We believe that incorrect management has worsened this and she was incredibly frustrated when we first started working with her but, thankfully, after months and months of intensive work we’ve started to see her making improvements.”


According to the RSPCA, Bella has been responding well to behavioral training. She even made a few dog friends at the center, which shows she can learn confidence.

Cuddly Toys Give A Lonely Dog Comfort

While Bella’s favorite companions are people, Hawkins says she has her own way of coping with human absence while in her kennel. Bella has a pile of toys she cuddles with at night.

Hawkins noted:

“…although we try to spend as much time with her as possible, we simply can’t be with her all the time and she has sought solace in her cuddly toys, especially Winnie the Pooh who she cuddles up with every night.”


This cuddling habit of Bella’s shows that all she wants is love and patience. She’s spent so much time in a kennel, and she just wants to feel safe. These toys help her for now, but she deserves a forever person to cuddle with at night.

Adopt Bella!

Bella may not fit into a home with cats or other dogs, but she will make a loving companion to someone without other pets. All she asks is that you help her become her best self.

The person or family who adopts Bella will have to continue her training. Walks mean opportunities to encounter strange dogs, so Bella’s adopter should know how to handle these situations. The RSPCA notes in her adoption listing though that “Bella is very focused on her handler in training, enjoys the treats given as rewards.”

“Having a reasonable sized, enclosed garden will be required for Bella as she really enjoys her off lead time and will be required to be mostly walked on lead when out and about.”

With all this in mind, the best home for Bella would be an adults-only home in a less populous area. If you’re able to give this dog the life she deserves, visit her adoption page here.

Featured Image: Facebook

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