Blind Shelter Dog Plays In The Ocean For The First Time On His Day Out

Dog’s Day Out is an online series created by Rocky Kanaka. Rocky plans a whole day full of fun and excitement for one lucky shelter dog, who gets to experience the love a human can give. That special dog is also shown off to potential adopters who might be willing to give him a home. The goal is to get the often overlooked dogs out of the shelter and into someone’s arms.

This time, Rocky chose to spend the day with Garbanzo, a sweet pup who is losing his eyesight at a young age. Being mostly blind led to awkward interactions with potential adopters at the shelter, and he has yet to find a home. But Rocky looked at this little pup and saw so much more than his disability. Rocky spent time reading about blind dogs, and with the help a behaviorist and trainer, was able to build trust with Garbanzo so that he could relax and enjoy his day.

Watch Rocky give Garbanzo an awesome day out here:

Unfortunately, it has been some time since this episode was shared to Rocky’s channel, and Garbanzo still has yet to find a home. Could that home be with you or a friend? You can apply to adopt Garbanzo from Adopt & Shop in Culver City, California by filling out the form online. Share his story with friends, Facebook groups, and whoever else might be interested – his family is out there waiting to meet him!

For more Dog’s Day Out, see Rocky Kanaka’s channel on YouTube – he posts new videos every week! Subscribe so you don’t miss any of the other dogs Rocky spends time with, like Maple – the butterfly kissing booth dog!


Featured Photo: screenshot, Rocky Kanaka/Youtube

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