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Compassionate Officer Drapes Coat Over Sad Dog Hit By Car

| Published on December 31, 2019

Dogs survive car accidents all the time (thank God.) But often injured and terrified dogs will wander from accidents, unknowingly denying themselves the care they need. That makes emotional support for canine car accident victims important too.

A police officer in New York knows that, and it’s a good thing he was there for a dog hit by a car this month. On Facebook, The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office shared a photo of Sergeant Chris Howlett and a dog on a roadside snowbank. The dog had just been struck by a vehicle and the deputy responded to a call.

A picture is worth a thousand words as we know, and this one definitely speaks volumes. The officer has his hand on the grim-looking dog’s head. His jacket is draped over the poor gal’s body. Howlett waited there with her for help to arrive. He let her know she wasn’t alone.


Everything about this says true compassion. The Sheriff’s Office notes how infrequently this aspect of law enforcement circulates around the web.

“During times that there seems to be negative press towards law enforcement this shows a bit of compassion on the part of law enforcement and specifically our deputies.”

Commenters took the opportunity to show their appreciation for local law enforcement and first responders.

“Thanks to all law enforcement, first responders, and all people that put their life on the line to make the world a safer place.” -Roger Gould via Facebook

Thank you for your service and thank you for being so very kind to a fur baby in the frigid temperatures. Above and Beyond Duty!!!” – Pat Belbot via Facebook

The Pup Is Recovering!

The dog eventually got reunited with her family, but in that time after the accident she was never alone. She had comfort and protection from Howlett. She was safe.

Naturally you’re probably curious about how the dog is doing now. The Sheriff’s Office provided an update through the pup’s family. For starters, her name is Rogue.

“…she is being evaluated by Veterinarians. She is doing well and hopefully we will back home by Monday. I am sure the family has greatly appreciated the outpouring of support from everyone.”

For now, Rogue’s family will be monitoring her condition. Despite sustaining minor injuries  from the accident, she should be okay. It’s a good thing someone was there from the start to convince her of that.

Featured Image: @Chautauqua-County-Sheriffs-Office/Facebook

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