Confused Pups Pose With Their “Cuddle Clones”

Oh, what a time to be a dog lover. There are so many ways we can spoil ourselves by honoring our dogs in various ways. From customizable t-shirts with your pup’s face to tattoos traced around your dog’s paw, we all love to splurge sometimes. That’s why Cuddle Clones, a company that makes stuffed copies of your pets, is so popular.

Searching the hashtag online brings up a whole host of adorable and hilarious photos of dogs next to their “clones.” Something in their faces just screams “Um, what is this sorcery?” The ones below are just a small sample size of what’s out there too. Check this out:


Honestly, these look incredible. You can get a full-on plush replica of your dog for $249 on the company’s website. First, you upload a photo of your animal (hm… got any of those?) Then, the company will ask you about their specific traits and characteristics. You can even choose what position you want the plush sitting, standing, or lying in.


Beyond the stuffed animals, Cuddle Clones sells several different products. You can also get a pair of clone slippers that mirror your dog. Twice the cuteness! Though there’s no guarantee your feet won’t get attacked by a jealous doggie while you’re walking.


Cuddle Clones can print your dog’s likeness onto blankets, mugs, phone cases, and more. During the holidays, you can have your dog’s face printed onto an “ugly” Christmas sweater that’s actually very cute. Those only cost $29.99.


For many, it’s a nice way to honor and remember beloved lost pets. For others though, it’s just a cute thing to have alongside your real living dog. Just looking at these pics makes me want ten.


What’s more, Cuddle Clones will make copies of other animals too, not just pups. Duplicate your hamster, your bunny, or your kitty! And if you do, make sure you get a photo of them beside their copy.


If you feel like treating yourself to something in honor of your pup, these clearly look very cute! And if you, like me, can’t get enough of these side-by-side pics, I can’t recommend searching the hashtag enough.

Another Company That Gives Back To The Animals

Just like iHeartDogs, Cuddle Clones makes donations to animal shelters. This kind of charity makes splurging on a fake version of your dog feel a little less indulge-y.

“We donate directly to individual animal shelters every month... not the big guys. This ensures that the money goes directly to helping pets and not into people’s pockets. These resources help shelters with things like medical care, meals, and toy donations for their shelter animals.” -Cuddle Clones

Help an animal, commemorate your pup, everybody wins.

H/T: Daily Mail
Featured Image: @cuddleclones/Instagram

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