Officer Who Lost K9 Partner Tears Up When Gifted Stuffed Version Of Him

Police officers who work with K9s develop very special bonds with their partner dogs. It’s a new level to the man and man’s best friend relationship. Naturally, when Officer Madsen in Pasco, Washington lost his K9 partner “Lemon” he was heartbroken. Just weeks after he retired from the force, Lemon suffered a medical crisis and died.

When he passed, the Berg family looked up a company called Cuddle Clones. Using images, Cuddle Clones incorporates the specific physical details and personality traits of furry best friends into various products, from stuffed animals to phone cases. They created a beautiful stuffed replica of Lemon.

“Some time ago the Berg family had a special interaction with Lemon and Officer Madsen on a call, that had a big impact on their lives. Today Cassandra, Nia and Bentley dropped off a gift. They took several pictures of Lemon and had them sent off to make a smaller version of Lemon to give to the Madsen Family. It was a great reunion and we are so thankful for their permanent reminder of #K9Lemon!”


Berg initially shared the video of Officer Madsen unboxing his present on her personal page.

“Gave Officer Madsen his gift today! He cried he loved it so much! I’m so glad that I was able to give this to him as a keep sake of K9 Officer Lemon!!!”

As Officer Madsen unwraps the paper and sees what’s inside the box, he begins to choke up. He’s so touched, but the family is just grateful the two entered their lives.

Screenshot, Cassandra Berg via Facebook

Eventually, the video Berg shared was picked up by local news outlets. It gained over 3,500 comments, with many people sharing tribute to their own late dogs.

Berg ended up signing a paid agreement with a company to advertise the video. All of those proceeds from it will go to the Pasco Police Foundation in Lemon’s memory. On Facebook, she reaffirmed her gratitude to the public servants both human and canine.

“I don’t know if he realizes just that time we had with him and the K9’s gave my family hope and helped put us back together! Him and Lemon will always be one of our best memories!”

Obviously you have to watch this touching moment for yourself, and you can do that below:

Featured Image: Screenshot, WEAR ABC3 News

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