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Dog Cries When Reunited With Owners

I’m always so amazed at the kind of love our dogs give us and, if you think about it, we actually give so little back to them in return. Sure, we spend time with them; walk them; feed them; bathe them; bring them to their vets; play with them but they just aren’t our priority, are they?

But to them, we are. Their world revolve around us. Their loyalty and love is all for us. Still there are times, things happen and we have to let them go. No matter how much time passes and even if they are in another forever home; when we reunite with them, they still show us how much they love us and cry tears of happiness when they see us. Just like Cayenne. Isn’t that something, wonderful! 🙂

Wasn’t that such a feel good reunion? Did you see the way Cayenne went back and forth her original owners, showering them with hugs and doggy kisses? Share this video to show others the purity of a dog’s love and loyalty are truly unmatched!

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