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Dog Mom Honors Her Pup By Photoshopping Her Into Famous Movie Posters

Imgur user, iamirenes enjoyed 14 wonderful years with her dog, Lucy Van Pelt. During that time she snapped countless photos of the adorable pup’s every activity and expression.

A few years back, the doting dog mom took to Photoshop with the goal of turning Lucy’s lovely likeness “into art…of some kind.” The results are this miraculous collection of movie poster parodies featuring Lucy and her lifelong passion for tennis balls – and Kongs!


The project was actually inspired by fine art, not movie posters. Iamirenes told iHeartDogs:

 “A couple of years ago I started to play around in Photoshop Elements and shopped her into Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring.'”

She was so delighted with the results that iamirenes decided to try her hand at integrating Lucy into the poster for the movie based on the famous painting. Girl With A Pearl Earring became Good Girle With A Peal Earring!

From there, iamirenes was off to the races! Using Photoshop Elements V2 (she doesn’t even own the full version of Photoshop!) she worked her magic to insert Lucy into famous film posters from a variety of genres.

The images run the gamut from playful…

To hilariously funny…

To hauntingly beautiful…

To oddly disturbing…

To downright frightening!

And let’s not forget iconic.

“Turning Lucy into art and movie posters was a way to kind of sort through losing her and keep her ‘close’ at the same time,” iamirenes said.

No collection of movie posters starring Lucy Van Pelt would be complete without the Scarlett Johansson thriller, LUCY!

Iamirenes honors Lucy and keeps her memory alive by sharing her photos. She maintains an album of her on Imgur, and every Sunday she chooses a favorite image to share via her Instagram account. She plans to continue this tradition each week until February 2018 – the one year anniversary of Lucy’s loss.

As for her fabulous Photoshop work, iamirenes intends to upgrade to the full suite when she has more time to learn the complicated software. Her goal is to then design a project that is fully unique and created from her own original art.


All Images c/o iamirenes

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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