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Dog Rescues His “Baby” From The Dryer

One thing is for certain, dogs are very smart. Unlike children who you have to repeat things to, because they have a case of “selective deafness” like mine, dogs are crazy intellectual and don’t really have to be told things twice–especially when it comes to “their” stuff. For this Golden Retriever, he’s searching high and low until he finds his “baby” aka teddy bear.

He looked all over the house in search of it, until he realized something–his human washed it for him! Oh, silly me, he must have thought once the idea popped in his brain. And something tells us that Mom must have known he’d go looking for it in the right place because she set up a little camera to scope him out. Take a look:

I love the way he wags his tail at the end! That’s one smart dude! Share this cute video with your friends:)

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Written by Modi Ramos
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