Dog Reunites With His Favorite Toy After 5 Years


When Finn the Dachshund was just a mini weiner, his favorite toy was a delightfully squeaky rubber pig. Unfortunately, Finn’s boisterous puppy play sessions led to the pig’s early demise.

His humans bought him replacement pigs time and time again, yielding the same destructive results before finally sending Piggy into early retirement. Five years later, Finn is a full-grown hot dog and much more mature!

Image Source: Screen Shot via YouTube


He’s old enough to respect and appreciate his current toys, but part of him has always longed for the Piggy from his past.

Watch what happens when Finn finally sees his long-lost BFF again.

Kyle Jason Lowell, who posted the video to YouTube, wrote that Finn has not made those sweet, joyful noises since he last saw Piggy! Who says dogs have short memories?

Does your pup have that one special toy that means more to him than all the rest? Tell us your own dog-toy-nostalgia tales in the comments!

Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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