Dog Who Lost Her Eyes Due To Torture Is Now Living A Happy & Loved Life!

The life of a homeless and stray dog is not easy. Everyday is a fight for survival. And not only do they have to look for food, they also have to watch their backs for speeding vehicles, other dogs, and the most dangerous of all–ruthless and cruel people.

Nym is a dog who went through a horrible ordeal when she was living in the streets of Romania. Things got worst when thugs got a hold of her and tortured her.

Posted by Nym. A Very Special Rescue on Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nym was tortured to the point that she lost both her eyes; her eyes were gouged out. We cannot imagine the kind of emotional trauma that this poor dog went through.

Me about 3 years ago in Romania after I’d had my eyes ‘tidied’ up. I didn’t know then mummy was waiting for me, but I knew I had to be a brave girl

Love Nym

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