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Dog Who Was Rescued Becomes A Rescuer When She Saved A Mother Cat & Her Kittens

Everyone, meet Gina–a rescued dog who paid the good deed forward by rescuing a cat family from a dumpster.

Gina, a Boxer mix, was horribly abused. She was chained in a backyard and was beaten by her previous owner. She became a mother to puppies who drowned in the mud, and she was unable to help them since she was chained. The neighbors could hear her crying every night. After 3 years of numerous reports, the police finally came to rescue Gina. And that was the beginning of Gina’s new life.

Source: OrphanPet Gr - Youtube
Source: OrphanPet Gr – Youtube

Gina was adopted by a kindhearted woman named Mary. And it was in Mary’s home that Gina felt what love is really like.

Then one day, while Gina and Mary were out for a walk, Gina spotted a mother cat and her kitten in the dumpster. Gina pulled Mary to the dumpster, alerting her and leading her to the mama cat and kittens who needed their help. Mary took the family home and named the mother cat, Lucy.

Source: TheOrphanPet
Source: TheOrphanPet

Gina watched over the kittens like they were her own. And the kittens just love her!

Source: TheOrphanPet
Source: TheOrphanPet

Gina is very gentle with them. She even lets the kitties walk all over her!

Watch the video below for the full story!

Lucy ended up getting adopted by Mary. Her kittens will soon be put up for adoption when they get a little older. We hope that these cute babies will find loving forever homes of their own.

Gina, the once abused dog, ended up becoming a hero to this cat family. We are so thankful for the people who helped in rescuing her, especially to Mary, who opened her heart and her home to this sweet and beautiful dog.

You can read more about Gina’s story at TheOrphanPet.

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