Formerly Malnourished Miley Is Thriving Today Thanks To Your Support!

Part of each sale on the store is donated to, which offers grants for charities and programs like Rescue Bank. Some rescues could not run without kind donations from organizations like this. Customers like you are the reason uplifting stories like the one below are possible!

Miley, a brown and white Chihuahua, was just one pup in an entire litter dumped at a high kill shelter in Michigan. Thankfully, Bottle Babies Rescue pulled the little pups from the shelter, saving them. They rescue many animals, but the organization specializes in newborns and young puppies. When Bottle Babies got their hands on the dogs, they were all underdeveloped and had worms.

Miley’s rescuers knew one thing for sure: this dog needed access to nutritious food stat. Miley has a severe poultry allergy, so Rescue Bank provided her with some chicken-free dog food. As one of Rescue Bank’s partner organizations, Bottle Babies Rescue benefits from these extremely valuable food donations.

“Rescue Bank provides a variety of food options so we can benefit from different types for different animal’s unique dietary needs.” Bottle Babies Rescue

Miley’s now a year old, free of worms, and incredibly happy. She loves playing with her dog and cat friends and frolicking outside. Most importantly, of course, she’s alive.

Today, Miley looks nothing like the starved, sick pup she was when Bottle Babies first saved her. In the early stages of a puppy’s life, good nutrition is extremely important. Bottle Babies’ partnership with Rescue Bank not only got them the food she needed, it saved them valuable funds.

Though once abandoned, Miley now gets the Princess treatment she always deserved.

How Rescue Bank (And You) Helped

Every animal that enters a shelter means another mouth to feed, and the cost of feeding many dogs really adds up. When they receive food donations, shelters and rescues can focus their limited resources on other important life-saving efforts, like expensive surgeries and treatments.

Rescue Bank operates on a food bank model. They receive food donations from manufacturers and retailers and distribute them to their partner organizations. When nutritious pet food nears its “best by” date, has minor packaging defects, or undergoes re-branding, manufacturers will donate that food. Then, Rescue Bank makes food grants to community-based animal welfare groups.

All those saved dollars will go towards Bottle Babies Rescue helping other dogs like Miley regain their health. If you’d like to help this particular organization further, you can donate to Bottle Babies’ rescue efforts or purchase something from their wishlist here.

Shop & Give Back!

The following products provide quality dog food for shelters and rescues, helping them reserve more of their precious funds for medical expenses, supplies, and spreading the word about their adoptable pups. Learn more.

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