George HW Bush’s Service Dog Will Be Honored With His Own Statue

Service dogs are trained to do all sorts of amazing things, from detecting health issues to helping the physically disabled. Some are serving their country as assistants to military veterans. That’s the kind of work that should be recognized, and for one amazing service dog it will be.

A 3-year-old Lab named Sully will soon have a statue erected in his honor for his work with former United States President George HW Bush.


America’s VetDogs, a non-profit organization committed to helping the people who have served our country honorably “live with dignity and independence,” commissioned the sculpture. Artist Susan Bahary will design the statue, and it will appear in the special exhibit wing at Bush 41’s presidential library in College Station.

Sully joined the Bush family from America’s VetDogs in June of 2018. The former President shared the news in a tweet.

“A great joy to welcome home the newest member of our family, ‘Sully,’ a beautiful — and beautifully trained — lab from @AmericasVetDogs. Could not be more grateful, especially for their commitment to our veterans.”

President Bush was a Navy pilot during World War II. The pup is named for Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, according to his very own Instagram.

“Like my best friend, Captain Sully Sullenberger is an U.S. Airforce Veteran, and I was named after him by #FriendsofAmericasVetDogs in Sully’s honor for his service to our country.”


Looking after a former U.S. President is no small duty, and Sully didn’t take the task lightly. He supported his person through his physical disabilities. He also brought joy to the rest of the family.

Sully was only in the 41st President’s life for the last 5 months of it, but the impact this dog made was much more significant than that.

This hero dog is a great poster pup for service dogs who improve the lives of America’s veterans.


After George HW Bush passed at the age of 94 in November 2018, a photo of Sully lying forlorn in front of his casket made headlines. “Mission Accomplished,” the post read.


Sully’s service has not gone unnoticed. The good boy was honored during the 2018 CNN Heroes Awards. On stage with Sully and his trainer Valerie Cramer, Anderson Cooper thanked them both for their service.

“He’s two and a half years old so he’s got a lot of contributions to make in the future. And thank you for all you do. It’s incredible.”

And Sully did have more work to do. The heroic pup returned to America’s VetDogs in New York to do more good elsewhere. Eventually, he joined the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s Facility Dog Program, where he assists wounded soldiers and active duty personnel with physical and occupational therapy.

If that’s not deserving of a commissioned statue, I don’t know what is.

H/T: ABC13
Featured Image: @sullyhwbush/Instagram

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