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German Shepherd Adopts Orphaned Opossum And Carries It On Her Back

Poncho the Opossum was orphaned when her mother was hit by a car. The poor baby was still clinging to her mother when she was found. Left without a mother, Poncho was unlikely to survive.

Luckily, some very kindhearted people took her in. With the help of some veterinarians, they cared for Poncho. And then something amazing happened–Poncho met a white German Shepherd named Hantu, and they bonded instantly.

Photo Source: MyrtleBeachSafari - YouTube
Photo Source: MyrtleBeachSafari – YouTube

Hantu had no puppies of her own, and when she saw Poncho, her maternal instincts kicked in. Check out the video below and see how close these two are!

Awwww…aren’t they adorable? What a beautiful relationship these two have!

Hantu and Poncho live at the Rare Species Fund–an organization that is focused in funding wildlife conservation programs. Hantu and Poncho help raise awareness and inspire people to appreciate wildlife.

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