Get Your Head Together With 21 Cute & Funny Tweets About Cats & Dogs

Is it one of those days where you can’t get your head together? That no matter what you do, you find yourself staring off into space, wondering why glue doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle. Or, why cat bellies are so cute but so off-limits?

Maybe you’re just sitting in your chair, concerned that your dog thinks you’re being rude when you brush their hair off your clothes. Do they place the fur with care?

Whatever has you distracted, get your head back together with some of the week’s best tweets about cats and dogs!

21 Tweets About Cats & Dogs To Help You Get Un-Distracted

#1 – The pawparazzi has arrived!

#2 – It’s going to be a good day!

#3 – Already got that one on my bookshelves, and it’s a real nailbiter.

#4 – Somebody said the magic word!

#5 –  Special plate for a special cat!

#6 – Flower mice need love too!

#7 – Agreed!

#8 – The struggles of having a cat sibling!

#9 – Now, where are the fries?

#10 – We get it…

#11 – Bring forth the vittles!

#12 – The Spice Goldens are getting ready to drop their album…

#13 – Oh, who doesn’t love clever wordplay when it comes to cats!

#14 – Stealth Level 100.

#15 – New feature unlocked.

#16 – Which one are you?

#17 –  Why don’t they know???

#18 – Just a cutie to make you smile!

#19 – Obey the law, or the consequences will be dire. The cats might throw you in purrison!

#20 – A must for your health!

#21 – Fact check proves this true! So, watch where you step. Your cat or dog is probably already in your path!

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Feature Image: memes I wish I could tag my cat in/Twitter & HeckinGoodDogs/Twitter

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