It Takes 4 Pool Noodles To Float This Chill Pup

There’s nothing like a relaxing dip in the pool on a hot summer day. Especially if you’re weighed down by an extra pound or so of fur. I’m referring, of course, to our canine companions (though hairy people probably agree.) Dogs often enjoy a cool swim just as much if not more than their people do.

One crafty pool-loving Golden Retriever from Iowa really knows how to chill out. She figured out that the best way to stay cool is by floating around a swimming pool with her entire body draped across four pool noodles. Recently, she went viral for her technique.

Brian Mumm posted a video of the diva, his dog Clara, in the Facebook Group “Golden Retrievers In Iowa.” He captioned it simply: a dog’s life.

Screenshot, Buzz news/YouTube

Obviously Clara’s serenity inspired people. The original post has over 17,000 likes and an unbelievable 473,000 shares. Thousands upon thousands of people had their days made by this slice of Clara’s life.

Wish mine would just float. They have to be going nonstop.” -Misty Klees McInerney via Facebook

How I’m tryna be, just vibin” – Tania Lanee via Facebook

I’m so jealous of this doggie!” – Tina Marie Gee via YouTube

There’s no one right way to use a pool noodle. Some opt to straddle it like a horse. Others go for the under arm floatation approach. And this pup goes big, so only four noodles will do.

Considering that dogs are quadrupedal (meaning they walk on all fours instead of two legs) the four noodles under her front and back legs are a clever way to keep Clara’s head above water. Plus, look how completely at peace she looks!

Screenshot, Buzz news/YouTube

When the video inevitably made it to YouTube, commenter iluvtvscraigferguson claimed to know Clara in real life. She’s his boss [Brian Mumm]’s dog and he certifies that she’s “a good girl.” I think the video makes that clear enough! 

Watch the chillest of pups for yourself below:

The only thing that could make this video any more perfect would be the right soundtrack to accompany it. I’m thinking some Bob Marley or maybe Jimmy Buffett would do.

Even though your gutters may get all full of fluff, letting your dog enjoy the pool can protect them from heat stroke on especially hot days. It can also allow them to go mega-viral like Clara did. Win-win!

H/T: Cesar’s Way
Featured Image: Screenshot, Buzz news/YouTube

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