Mama Dog Scolds, Shuts Down Her Misbehaving Puppies

Every parent who’s ever tried to break up a fight between their kids knows this to be no simple task. They’ll still be smacking at each other even when you get right in between them. But before you seek out a parenting blog or family counselor for guidance, consider this inspiring example. In an incredible viral video, a Labrador Retriever expertly gets her squabbling puppies to cut out their mischief. All it takes is some crackdown.

In the video Lucy, the mama Lab, observes two puppies playing a little rough on a blanket. At first, she tries more calmly to break up the roughhousing. Naturally, they ignore her and keep fighting.

Screenshot, @Lucy & Milo/YouTube

It’s almost like Lucy’s saying “come on guys, break it up” with her snout. But the two pups won’t quit their squabbling. Eventually, Lucy starts getting more forceful. One of the pups gives a little back-talking yap. Big mistake.

Screenshot, @Lucy & Milo/YouTube

That’s when mama Lucy really lays down the law. She barks strongly at her two ashamed little puppies. (They literally hang their heads!) That seems to break up the fight… for now. Mom’s had enough, and they can tell they’ve done it this time.

Screenshot, @Lucy & Milo/YouTube

You have to watch the expert-level parenting for yourself below:

Online commenters agree: this mom knows how to get things done. Still, no one has perfected dog to human translation yet. Everyone just has their guesses about what this mama dog yelled at her rambunctious puppies. Presumably, we’re all familiar with this type of “conversation!”

H/T: ilovemydogsomuch
Featured Image: Screenshot, @Lucy & Milo/YouTube

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