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Viral Parrot Says “I Love You” To Her New Puppy Sibling

Bird petting dog

Unlikely animal friendships are the cutest! But Sweet Pea the parrot takes it to a whole new level. The beautiful white cockatoo went viral after her human shared a photo of her interacting with her new puppy sibling for the first time. It only took Sweet Pea a few moments to learn how to shower a puppy with love. Sweet Pea’s video has already gained over 63,000 views on TikTok alone. Plus, it’s been shared all over the internet by … Read more

15 Easiest Dogs To Potty Train

Easiest dogs to potty train

If you’re a new dog parent, you probably want a dog that’s easy to care for. Certain dogs are the easiest to potty train, giving you a sense of relief right off the bat. No one wants their house smelling like pee, so the faster you can potty train a new dog, the better. Of course, every dog will learn new things at their own pace, but some are known for their intelligence and fast learning abilities. So, if you’re … Read more

21 Hilariously Quirky Dogs That Seem To Be Malfunctioning

Dogs do unexplainable things. But when they do, we still say “aww!” and take a picture. Then, we can’t help but share those adorable photos all over the internet. But the silliest and most entertaining images are the ones where the dogs seem to be “malfunctioning.” The ones where dogs are sitting weird or acting almost human-like. So, the internet has blown up with photos of dogs acting in bizarre manners. Each image begs the question, “what’s wrong with your … Read more

Little Girl With Rare Blood Disorder Gifted Service Dog That Could Save Her Life

The start of the coronavirus pandemic was hard on everyone, but some were worse off than others. While the world panicked about the spreading virus, an 8-year-old girl was also diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. Young Mia Vane has been unable to return to school since then as doctors continue to find ways to help her. But like all kids, she knows there’s one cure to every disease: a dog! Dogs make everything better, which is why Mia was … Read more

Before Getting A Dog Part II: Supplies To Buy & Preps To Make

You’re getting a dog, and we are so excited for you! Your new family member is almost ready to come home, but before those four furry paws can step foot in the house, you’ll need to have everything prepared for the canine whirlwind that’s about to upend your life in the best way possible. In this second installment of our two-part guide to getting ready for a dog, we’ll cover the supplies you’ll need before bringing the new baby home. … Read more

Before Getting A Dog Part I: What To Think About

Getting a dog is one of the most exciting adventures in life, so congratulations on the decision to grow your family by four furry paws! We love dogs and want to help you give your pooch the best life ever! There’s so much to think about before getting a dog, but don’t worry. This two-part guide is designed to help you on your journey to bringing a dog home. We aim to answer any questions you might have about adopting … Read more

Kansas Foster Dog Delivers A Mother’s Day Surprise

A Wichita family was treated to a delightful Mother’s Day surprise when their foster dog, Chloe gave birth to six puppies. The dog was rescued from a local kill shelter at the end of March when the facility closed due to COVID-19. Chloe was facing euthanasia before Beauties and Beasts, Inc. stepped in to save her. “She was one of those dogs put on the euthanasia list because of resources and she didn’t have a place to go and at … Read more

Mama Goldie Lets Her Scared Puppy Know She’s There

YouTube vlogger HeyImTabs adopted her Golden Retriever Jimbo in 2016 when the puppy was just 8 weeks old. Before that gotcha day, she fell in love with his spirit. In a YouTube video that surged to 1.6 million views, tiny Jimbo shares a sweet moment with his mom. The mama’s commitment to her baby may have helped Jimbo get snatched up so quickly, HeyImTabs wrote. She shared the video to her channel, reminiscing on the sweet moment that made her … Read more

Mama Dog Scolds, Shuts Down Her Misbehaving Puppies

Every parent who’s ever tried to break up a fight between their kids knows this to be no simple task. They’ll still be smacking at each other even when you get right in between them. But before you seek out a parenting blog or family counselor for guidance, consider this inspiring example. In an incredible viral video, a Labrador Retriever expertly gets her squabbling puppies to cut out their mischief. All it takes is some crackdown. In the video Lucy, … Read more

Husky Puppy’s Chewbacca Howl Is Truly Enchanting

Huskies don’t just look remarkably like cuddly wolves. They’re also famous for their distinctive vocalizations and adorable howls. That sound comes to them at an early age. An adorable viral video of a husky puppy testing out his pipes really demonstrates that. With the rest of his litter completely passed out around him, one Husky puppy has no one to play with. This won’t do, so he begins to howl his own signature howl. At several points, his tone gets … Read more

Hungry Mama Dog And Litter Found Freezing In Minnesota Snowdrift

In January, a pregnant dog needed a place to have her litter of puppies. All she had was a snowdrift to lie in, and that’s where she had 6 pups. Soon, the poor malnourished mama stopped producing sufficient milk to feed her little babies. Fortunately, a concerned family discovered the hungry, huddled family and drove all of the dogs to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. Located on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in northwestern Minnesota, Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue (RLRR) sees a … Read more

Puppy Bowl XVI Recruits Over 90 Adorable Adoptables

I’m not a big football fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look forward to the day of the Super Bowl every year. No, it’s not for the commercials. It’s not entirely for the snacks either. I get excited to watch the annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! Erin Wanner, a senior production executive for Animal Planet, told Patch how this annual tradition came about over 15 years ago. “We put down some turf on the office floor and let some puppies … Read more

Comet, Cupid, Donner, And Blitzen Are Just 4 Of 9 Reindeer-Named Adoptable Puppies

Sorry if this article gets the song stuck in your head, but you’ve probably already been listening to it the past week or so anyway. This is a story about puppies and “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Yep, that famous inspirational tune about a ridiculed reindeer who rose to the top gave nine newborn puppies their names. A miniature Daschund named Olive arrived at the RSPCA Halifax/Hudds/Bradford last month with her litter of three-week-old puppies. Staff believe they had been bred … Read more

The Science Behind Cute Aggression: Why Some People Want To Squeeze Adorable Creatures

Have you ever looked at your dog and thought, “You’re so cute, I could just squeeze you!”? You certainly aren’t alone! The desire to pinch a baby’s cheeks or bite an adorable pup’s ear are examples of a phenomenon known as cute aggression. Recent research suggests this desire for rough lovin’ is not only normal, it may serve an evolutionary purpose. Katherine Stavropoulos, a licensed clinical psychologist with a background in neuroscience, first heard the term “cute aggression” when she … Read more

Wounded Foster Dog Delights Rescuers With A Surprise Delivery

When a Canadian foster pawrent agreed to take in a seriously injured dog, she knew it would be a lot of work. But she had no idea she would also end up caring for 11 puppies! Nancy Duykers of Winnipeg learned about Sheba when she was taken in by Feed the Furbabies Canada. The dog had a terrible wound on her left front leg which may have been caused by a gunshot. At first it seemed as if Sheba’s leg … Read more

How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting

Puppy nibbles may seem cute at first, until your puppy gets overexcited and her needle-sharp teeth sink into your skin. Nipping is normal puppy behavior, but it’s important to teach your puppy not to bite. Otherwise, they’re likely to grow up thinking that biting is acceptable behavior. Here are a few tips on how to stop your puppy from biting. What’s the difference between teething, nipping, and biting? Just like humans, puppies start life with a set of baby teeth … Read more

9 Things Senior Dogs Know That Young Pups Don’t

Your aging dog might not be as endearingly silly or as sprightly as they were when they were young, but your love for them is stronger than ever. Senior dogs hold special places in our hearts, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve had them since puppyhood or you recently adopted them from a shelter. Their years on this earth have earned them a special kind of intelligence that puppies simply can’t compete with. Here are the top nine lessons your … Read more

10 Times Probiotics Are Especially Beneficial To Your Dog

Up to 80% of a dog’s immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract, so maintaining digestive health means far more than just preventing upset bellies and loose stools. Related: iHeartDogs Rates the Best Probiotics for Dogs Probiotics replenish the levels of healthy bacterial flora in the GI tract and prevent the “bad” bacteria from taking over. Dogs with unbalanced flora levels experience digestive problems and are more susceptible to illness. In general, probiotics are a healthy addition to your … Read more

Your Purchases Helped This Rescued Mama Deliver 14 Healthy Pups

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good Charities, which helps support various charitable programs. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  When the staff at the West Feliciana Animal Humane Society (WFAHS) first met Emily, she was heartworm positive and “looked beaten up, scarred and bruised” with injuries to her inner ear, front legs, and eye. She was also heavily pregnant with only two weeks left to rebuild her health before … Read more

Dog Gives Birth In Motel Room During Her Dramatic Cross-Country Rescue

Zoe, an extremely pregnant Terrier mix, was slated for euthanasia at an Alabama animal shelter when Sandi Paws Rescue, based out of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, heard about her and knew that they had to rescue her, no matter what. A regular rescue transport was already scheduled, but mama Zoe wasn’t fit for the traditional transport since she was so close to delivering her puppies. That’s when Sandi Paws Rescue volunteers Laura McCauley and Jamie Orr decided to drive 13 … Read more

A Pawesome Act Of Fate Brings Transplant Patient And Her Donor Together

Some may say it’s coincidence, but the story of how two women connected to change each other’s lives sounds a lot like fate. Sue Reale of Oakland, California had always wanted to adopt a dog, but an unexpected medical emergency put her plans off track. She needed a new kidney, but the odds of finding a donor diminished with each passing day.   Her hopeful sister thought of the plan to start a Facebook campaign to find a match. Despite … Read more

Dog In Labor Dumped On Ice Cold Doorstep Gets A Miracle

In the late hours of November 2, Fenland Animal Rescue in Cambridgeshire, England received a call from the local police. A homeowner had discovered a Chihuahua/Terrier mix in active labor abandoned on their doorstep. The dog and the single puppy she birthed were exposed to the near-freezing elements in an uncovered wire crate. The mama dog was crying out in agony and distress. Joshua Flanagan of Fenland Animal Rescue described the situation as “absolutely tragic”. “She was in all this … Read more

Rescued Mama Dog Gives Birth To A Litter Of … Cows?

Katie and John Black are volunteer foster pawrents for Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue in Raleigh, NC. They recently took in a heavily pregnant Golden mix named Rosie. When the big day arrived, the Blacks got quite a shock. Not one of Rosie’s four babies look the slightest bit like a Golden Retriever. In fact, as Katie wrote on Reddit, they look more like baby cows! A post shared by Leroy, Annie & Winchester (@ourgoldenyears) on Nov 3, 2017 at … Read more

Maternal Rescue Dog Welcomes Kitten Into Her Litter Of Foster Puppies

Pirate was rescued with two of her own puppies from a Michigan hoarder in June of last year. After she had weaned her own babies, she spontaneously started producing milk for the foster puppies her mom brought home from the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, where she serves as a public information coordinator. Since then, Pirate has nursed more than 9 puppies – and now she’s added a kitten to her current crop of foster pups! Pirate’s owner, Gabi Vannini, … Read more

Report Finds That Around 80% Of Online Ads For Pets Are Scams

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has released a new report which states that it’s almost impossible to search for a puppy online without coming across at least one scam. In fact, according to the report: “Experts believe at least 80% of the sponsored advertising links that appear in an internet search for pets may be fraudulent.” While anybody can fall into this scam, the people who are most likely to fall for it are those in their 20s and 30s. People … Read more

Photographer Does Adorable Newborn Photo Shoot For Foster Puppies, World Melts

Kelly Frankenburg specializes in newborn and infant photography at her home-based studio, 11 Sixteen Photography, in Richmond, Virginia. Usually those newborns are human, but when she started fostering a rescued Chihuahua and her 3 puppies, she knew a photo shoot was in order. Frankenburg and her family recently started fostering for Richmond Animal Care And Control. When she brought mama Paris and her three 2-week-old puppies home to foster, she knew she wanted to take professional pictures of them to help … Read more

5 Reasons Playtime Is Vital For Your Dog’s Health, No Matter Their Age

Letting your dog indulge in a long game of fetch or a romp through the park may seem like it’s all fun and games, but doggy playtime is about a lot more than that. No matter what kind of play your pup likes to participate in, encouraging playtime will have a big impact on your canine friend’s overall health and well-being. Dogs of all ages benefit from daily play sessions. From puppies still learning to control their limbs to senior … Read more

This Huge Litter Of Puppies Was Saved From An Underground Cave

What started as a mama dog wanting to protect her pups turned into an emergency situation for the Michigan Humane Society. A litter of puppies was found in an underground tunnel in someone’s backyard. The mother dog dug the tunnel herself, most likely to keep her babies safe from the impending weather. But when the weather service issued a flood warning for the area, their underground haven soon turned into a potential death trap.   After being alerted of the … Read more

The Healthiest Food Will Bring Your Pet A Thriving Life

What do you say when people ask you how your dog is doing? Do you shrug your shoulders and say “fine”? Or do you tell your friends and family that your dog is overjoyed, on top of the world, honest-to-goodness thriving? Some people may be okay with knowing their dogs are doing “fine,” but others know that our dogs are capable of being so much more than just “fine” and won’t settle for less. How do you take your dog … Read more

Health Is Wealth, And The Same Can Be Said For Your Dog

Dog eating Nom Nom

Pet parents want their dogs to have the healthiest, longest life possible. Every year, we learn more about how healthy eating can affect a human’s mood, energy levels, and overall health – so it makes sense that the same would apply to dog food. Nom Nom has embarked on a journey to revolutionize pet health, starting with the #1 contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle: what they eat. Everybody knows by now how many health problems a lifetime of eating … Read more

Study Finds That Looking At Photos Of Cute Animals May Improve Your Marriage

What do puppies, pizza and babies have in common? Besides being some of life’s greatest joys, they may all improve your marriage according to James McNulty, a psychology professor at Florida State University and lead author of an interesting new study. His research found that couples who looked at alternating photos of their spouses and the pleasurable stimuli above for six minutes every three days reported being more happily married after six weeks. The study may seem a bit silly and … Read more