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Health Is Wealth, And The Same Can Be Said For Your Dog

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 1, 2017

Pet parents want their dogs to have the healthiest, longest life possible. Every year, we learn more about how healthy eating can affect a human’s mood, energy levels, and overall health – so it makes sense that the same would apply to dog food.

Nom Nom has embarked on a journey to revolutionize pet health, starting with the #1 contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle: what they eat. Everybody knows by now how many health problems a lifetime of eating junk food can cause humans, but few people realize that many commercial dog foods are akin to junk food for people.

Commercial pet food is frequently made with human food byproducts (scary, right?!). Why do we expect our pets to thrive on the things humans refuse to eat? We live in a day and age where people have come to feel more like “parents” to their pets, and like any good parent, you want to give your baby the best you can to help them flourish.

Nom Nom understands that you want to give your dog the very best, that’s why they’re different. They understand that health is wealth, and that the same can be said for your dog. When it comes to your dog’s daily diet, Nom Nom is here to provide you with a practical method that gives your dog the best meal, every single time.

Formulated by a leading vet nutritionist using human-grade ingredients, their meals are gently cooked fresh in a kitchen right here in the United States, and carefully pre-proportioned specifically for your dog’s unique calorie needs. Once it’s been precisely configured for your precious pup, it’s then delivered directly to your front door–at the schedule of your choosing– for the ultimate in convenience. Just peel the package open and serve. Really, it’s just that simple.

According to some of Nom Nom’s customers, their dogs’ allergies and ailments went away after switching from commercial food to Nom Nom. Just ask any human who’s changed their diet from one consisting primarily of junk food to one primarily of fresh foods how much better they feel. Now, imagine if your dog made the switch and the amazing results your pup would have!

“Diet can play a role in helping to manage skin conditions and diseases, regardless of whether or not your dog has a food allergy…. Dog food allergy treatment boils down to one underlying principle: identify foods your dog is allergic to and avoid feeding those. — Nom Nom’s Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg

Fresh food is best for both humans and dogs, there’s no denying that. Now you can get fresh food to optimize your dog’s health delivered straight to your door. Because, after all, diet is directly related to living a healthy life.

Think about it: when you eat good, you feel good, and the same can be said for your dog. Nom Nom wants to help you give your dog their very best life, each and every day, starting with their food bowl.

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