Mama Goldie Lets Her Scared Puppy Know She’s There

YouTube vlogger HeyImTabs adopted her Golden Retriever Jimbo in 2016 when the puppy was just 8 weeks old. Before that gotcha day, she fell in love with his spirit. In a YouTube video that surged to 1.6 million views, tiny Jimbo shares a sweet moment with his mom. The mama’s commitment to her baby may have helped Jimbo get snatched up so quickly, HeyImTabs wrote.

She shared the video to her channel, reminiscing on the sweet moment that made her adore Jimbo – and his mother.

“Really cute moment I captured of Jimbo (white collar) and his mom when he was two weeks old. Six weeks later, we ended up bringing him home :)”

A Literal Cry For Help

In general, setting up a camera over a pen of puppies is a genius move. From the start, the footage is gold. A litter (or possibly more) of 8 puppies sleep soundly on the carpet. One straggler puppy (Jimbo) sits separated from his siblings. He can’t sense his mom either. This stresses the tiny guy out, so he begins to cry.

Obviously, whimpering in the saddest most desperate way possible is an effective tactic. Mama Goldie approaches the pen and her crying puppy.

Screenshot, @heyimtabs/YouTube

She’s got the patience and composure of a seasoned mother. She calmly walks up to attend to her helpless child. Gently, she puts herself beside him and leads the pup over towards the rest of the litter.

Screenshot, @heyimtabs/YouTube

Jimbo still doesn’t get it, so mama dog repositions herself directly behind him to let him know she’s there. The other puppies follow mom to her new spot. But lucky Jimbo gets to be the first to eat.

Screenshot, @heyimtabs/YouTube

Watch the sweet video (over and over and over) below:

A Relatable Mother-Baby Moment

Commenters on YouTube pretty much agree: this scene occurs in every mom’s life.

Notice she was in the other room trying to get some shut eye, lol. Every parent knows that feeling.This is the equivalent of the baby waking up at 2am so you have to go in there and lay with it.” – @Brodha Sattva via YouTube

There is no such thing as “Me Time” when you have kids” – @Law Licht via YouTube

And many former children recall how their mom’s example comforted them.

“Me when I can’t find my mom in Walmart” – @Zev via YouTube


The little Jimbo seen in the video grew quickly (as Golden Retrievers do.) He’s no longer a baby and probably doesn’t cry nearly as much – unless it gets him exactly what he wants from his new mom!

H/T: Animal Channel
Featured Image: Screenshot, @heyimtabs/YouTube

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