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Owners Catch Creature Moving In Dog’s Fur And Are Totally Surprised By What It Is Doing

It’s so cute and sweet that some dogs are very gentle with smaller animals. While some dogs love to chase them, there are others who are totally friendly with them. Just like that huge but gentle dog who let a squirrel hide a nut in his fur

Smaller animals must really find dog hair fascinating and useful. In the video below, we see a bird who’s trying to make a nest out of a dog’s butt hair. And the senior dog, gentle as he is, just doesn’t mind the bird taking some of his hair. Well, it’s either that, or he has no idea about it. Watch the video below!

Awwww…what a sweet and gentle doggy! 🙂

Is your dog gentle and friendly with smaller animals too? Share your stories in the comments section below!

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