Paralyzed Puppy Mill Survivor Runs To Forever Home

Dogs rescued from puppy mills have a harder time adjusting to their new life than other rescue dogs. They never knew what it was like to be loved by a human before, so they’re often hesitant and timid. They also aren’t familiar with everyday pet supplies like beds, toys, and treats. But luckily, once they step out of their shell, it’s heartwarming to see their transformation.

A puppy mill survivor named Teddy Bear is one of the many dogs with an incredible journey. At first, the rescue thought he was paralyzed, but he quickly defied the odds to find his forever family.

Teddy Bear with Foster Mom
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A New Leash on Life

Teddy Bear came from a licensed breeder who ran a puppy mill in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He spent the first seven years of his life trapped in a cage, until Zoe’s House Rescue came to save him. He was in dire need of medical care, and the vet suspected his back end was paralyzed.

Michelle Weirich fostered Teddy Bear, who she initially named “Prince Harry” due to his curly hair. The pup was unable to walk or run on his own, so the rescue got him a special wheelchair with a cute license plate on it. At first, Teddy Bear was very shy and would only hide in the corner, but eventually, he opened up to Weirich and began to embrace his new life.

“I can see that he was starting to get his strength going and everything. He was moving his legs more, and I would take him out of the wheelchair, and I could see he was starting to try to stand,” said Weirich.


Teddy Bear Wheelchair
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The wheelchair and medications acted as physical therapy for Teddy Bear. The vet initially said the pup might never be able to walk on his own, but soon Teddy Bear surprised everyone.

Teddy Bear Runs Home!

One day, Weirich let Teddy Bear out in the yard, and she noticed an unbelievable sight. The puppy mill survivor ran around the yard on his own! Since the vet told her Teddy Bear was paralyzed, she had never expected such a drastic transition with the pup. But it was incredible to see his true happiness finally shine through.

Teddy Bear Adopted
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Not long after learning to run freely, Teddy Bear found his forever home. A retired woman who recently lost her two dogs happily stepped forward to adopt the pup. The two hit it off right away.

“He is living happily ever after. He went from being in a puppy mill, basically being bred…to running around a yard somewhere,” Weirich added. “I did not expect him to start walking. It’s a little miracle in my eyes.”

Teddy Bear might never look completely “normal” when he walks, but that’s okay! He has come a long way from where he started, and he’s the happiest he’s ever been. So, he’s lucky to have found a human who can embrace his differences and give him the life he deserves.

Teddy Bear Puppy Mill Survivor
Image: @ZoesHouseRescue/Facebook

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